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Saturated railway lines behind Shramik woes 270 Spl Trains Operating On Route For 150

May 29, 2020 05:34 AM


Saturated railway lines behind Shramik woes
270 Spl Trains Operating On Route For 150


Shramik specials introduced by Railways on May Day to ferry migrants back to their home state have brought more criticism than admiration given the inordinate delays; migrants creating ruckus over lack of food and water and trains ‘losing way’ or taking routes other than the defined ones between the originating and destination stations. Of late, passengers are also dying aboard the special trains.

Since May 1, UP has received maximum Shramik specials followed by Bihar. Maharashtra and Gujarat are the two states that have sent most of these trains to UP and Bihar. Sources said, “Earlier the sender and the receiver states had to mutually agree to running a Shramik special but now the condition has been done away with.”

Since most trains are Purvanchal-bound (east UP and Bihar) the railway lines to UP and Bihar are over saturated.

In that case, trains are being diverted, and, at times, through longer routes increasing the journey time. Out of around 300 Shramik specials originating every day, at least 270 come to Purvanchal. The existing line capacity cannot handle more than 150 trains a day.

Crew management is another problem area. “Crew shortage is also there,” said sources.


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