Monday, August 26, 2019
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TOI EDIT-Who Killed Pehlu Khan? Justice weeps. Despite a video that captured his lynching, the law can’t nail his assailants HT EDIT -The PM lays out his blueprint There were multiple, significant messages in his I-day speech ET EDIT -CSR: Sting Goes But the Toxin Remains ET EDIT-Looking to the Future From the Red Fort Trick is to get past the initial patch of thorns NBT AUG 14-हांगकांग का हंगामा HT EDIT-Kashmir: Play cards right This will ensure that it is treated as a domestic issue by the world NBT EDIT-कांग्रेस की मजबूरी फिर सोनिया के हाथ कमान TOI EDIT-Sonia Is Back Congress retreats into her reassuring hands, but it must move on HT EDIT-Stop arbitrariness, follow the law The State must crack down on violators, but respect fundamental rights and liberty HT EDIT-The PM’s economic signal Focus on reviving demand, and stemming the slowdown TOI EDIT-Walk The Talk Now deliver on development and peace in J&K TOI EDIT -Turn A Corner Cutting off diplomatic and trade ties with New Delhi won’t help Islamabad ET EDIT-Welcome Rate Cut Will Not Suffice Mediation, not liquidity, site of the problem HT EDIT -Cutting policy rates won’t revive the economy Economic recovery will only happen through revival in aggregate demand NBT EDIT -मौद्रिक नीति-ताकि दूर हो सुस्ती NBT EDIT -और अब करंसी वॉर HT EDIT-It is time to open up Kashmir The security imperative is important, but so are principles of liberty and humanity TOI EDIT -Taxing Times Tax policies have become extractive and they are often backed by coercive methods TOI EDIT-Road Ahead Government must sensitively handle likely protests in Kashmir once lockdown is lifted TRIBUNE EDIT -The BJP agenda J&K loses its special status after seven decades THE HINDUSTAN TIMES EDIT BJP’s Kashmir move is bold, but has risks THE HINDU EDIT-A wrong way to end: on scrapping of Article 370 in J&K ASIAN AGE EDIT-Short-sighted move, with dangerous consequences In real terms, even with Articles 370 and 35A gone, THE ECONOMIC TIMES EDIT- The ‘Why’ Has Merit, Questions Over ‘How’ ET EDIT -CSR Should Not Be Source of Harassment Rethink penal provisions for non-compliance ET EDIT-Revive, Not Merge, State-Owned Insurers HT EDIT -Keep guard, reassure citizens Maintain external security, but allay internal apprehensions TOI EDIT AUG 5 Tense Kashmir Centre must scotch rumours following unprecedented withdrawal of Amarnath pilgrims and tourists TOI EDIT-Vetting The Parliament Government’s legislative pace overwhelms opposition but haste should not be at cost of scrutiny TRIBUN EDIT -Down in the dumps Govt must step in to arrest economic slide