Monday, December 10, 2018
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TRIBUNE EDIT-The highwayman Follow rules for smooth ride on KMP e-way TOI EDIT-Back Off Now RBI’s credibility is central to ensuring financial stability, don’t mess with it HT EDITORIAL-Will journalism succumb to AI? Not until machines develop the ability to speak truth to power TRIBUNE EDIT-Prosecuting a former CM Politics and perception muddy the waters TRIBUNE EDIT-Salve for wounds of ’84 Justice delayed is better than no justice TRIBUNE EDIT-Crop insurance under a cloud Need to readjust premium to favour farmers HT EDIT-MLAs are doing far too little State lesgislatures must ensure more productive sessions Leave No Citizen Disenfranchised Our voter registration process excludes millions HT EDIT-Why UP matters so much to BJP The outcome will determine who governs India in 2019 TRIBUNE EDIT-A divisive statue of unity Giving Patel his due to appropriate him for political ends ET EDIT-Ignore Calls for Ayodhya Ordinance Haste now would reveal an electoral calendar TRIBUNE EDIT -Sukhbir’s resignation offer SAD is in need of a major overhaul TRIBUNE EDIT-It’s the turn of RBI now Disturbing its autonomy will spell disaster for economy Direct Taxes Cheer New data shows that there are positive takeaways in the direct taxes trend TRIBUNE EDIT-The income tax saga Squeeze the salaried class, allow professionals to evade TOI EDIT-Dissonant, Divisive Far from detente, Bhagwat ups Mandir pitch TOI EDIT-Fire With Fire TRIBUNE EDIT-Stubble smoke returns Farmers are blamed for inaction of policy makers TRIBUNE EDIT-Migrants flee Gujarat Saga of hate crimes unabated NBT EDIT -हिलती-डुलती सियासत TRIBUNE EDIT-SAD woes Discontented leaders appeased, for now HT EDIT -The political class must be careful All parties must respect the Babri HT EDIT -Socio­economic justice must precede job creation Technocratic and political approaches TOI EDIT-No Moral Policing TRIBUNE EDIT-Upholding Aadhaar Restricting the project to matters of State HT EDITORIAL-Aadhaar verdict: SC has validated the invalids TRIBUNE EDIT-The problem of plenty Glut of grain and not enough storage NBT EDIT-ट्रिपल तलाक अध्यादेश NBT EDIT -ट्रेड वॉर और मंदी NBT EDIT-आरएसएस का विजन