Wednesday, December 11, 2019
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HT EDIT-A woman’s right to life and dignity Ensure certainty of punishment, reshape attitudes HT EDIT-Decoding the onion price rise India needs a robust annual agricultural outlook HT EDIT-The dip in GDP growth Find ways to boost demand, and reassure the finance sector TOI EDIT-Transparency Needed RBI & EC’s concerns about the opaqueness of electoral bonds should be addressed HT EDIT-The challenge in Maharashtra Power sharing and ideological differences will be two big issues TOI EDIT-Coalition Experiment Maharashtra aghadi offers a potential alternative to BJP’s centralised style of functioning ET EDIT-A Stable Government For Maharashtra How to choose the chief minister without fuss ET EDIT-Buoyant Market, Sullen Economy HT EDIT-A lesson for the BJP It acted unwisely, and lost the moral high ground and power TOI EDIT-Hold Floor Test HT EDIT-Maharashtra: Hold the trust vote, now HT EDIT-Celebrating the Constitution It has made India what it is. Live up to its ideals ET EDIT-Crisis as Opportunity For the Bond Market HT EDIT-Why hospitals must prioritise patients first The government needs to do its bit and reimburse hospitals quicker HT EDIT-Labour laws: A step forward The government has done well by pushing through reforms TOI EDIT-Slump Or Slowdown? TOI EDIT-Don’t Harass Aatish Intolerance towards dissent and free speech will hurt India’s global image NAV BHARAT TIMES -तनख्वाह का दिन TIMES OF INDIA EDIT-Read It Right Fix learning poverty to tackle actual poverty Uncharted Waters The realignment in Maharashtra will have national implications for NDA TOI EDIT-A New Beginning Verdict must herald end of mandir-masjid politics NBT EDIT-भाईचारे का गलियारा गुरु नानक देव का प्रकाश पर्व करतारपुर साहिब के दर्शन का सपना पूरा HT EDIT-What the raising of minimum wages means HT EDIT-Don’t enlist teachers for non-classroom activities HT EDIT-Little clarity on policies, actions Inter-state political rivalry continues to affect Delhi’s air TOI EDIT-Gas Chamber Politics HT EDIT-Revive demand in the economy This must be the focus, even if inflation and fiscal deficit go up TOI EDIT-India’s Spygate We need answers on severe breach of citizen privacy NBT EDIT-व्यक्तिगत और लोकतांत्रिक स्पेस पर हमला वॉट्सऐप में ताकाझांकी HT EDIT -The WhatsApp spying question An independent panel must investigate the surveillance