Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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For Aadhaar Without Restrictions on Use NBT EDIT-नौकरशाही की चमक TOI EDIT-Old Order Changes Mayawati breaks gathbandhan, but both BSP and SP need to reinvent their politics NBT EDIT-महंगी न पड़े सौगात HT EDIT-A free-ride plan is not enough Delhi must focus on building a reliable transport system NBT EDIT-गर्मी की मार सरकार के लिए चुनौती ED EDIT-Free Metro Rides or Clean Water for All? ET EDIT-Hindi Would Spread Faster Minus Force Let there be nothing official about Hindi’s growth HT EDIT-Water crisis: Act now or perish People must realise that it is critical to reduce consumption HT EDIT-Economy needs urgent attention The popular mandate is not reflected in the economic stats HT EDIT-Both change as well as continuity Modi 2.0 is now all set. It is time to get down to governance ET EDIT-Force Be With You, Nirmala Sitharaman To revive growth is finance minister’s challenge TOI EDIT-Go Modi Sarkar Victorious, Modi and Co must reverse slowdown and put India on a high growth track NBT EDIT -सफर का अगला दौर मोदी राज-2.0 HT EDIT-The story of the Left is one of self-indictment HT EDIT-Carving out a new balance The PM must ensure discipline with autonomy and openness ET EDIT-Continuity With Energetic Change A big challenge awaits the new council of ministers TOI EDIT-It’s Now Or Never Modi can seal his legacy by transforming India’s economy in his second term TOI EDIT-Young And MP Social media trolling of Mimi and Nusrat betrays sexism, again ET EDIT-Congress: Leadership And Not Abdication ET EDIT-Political Will To Revive Growth Politics alone can salvage the power sector HT EDIT -Has Bimstec finally arrived? TOI EDIT-Bimstec Focus Modi’s swearing-in will reflect growing priorities to the east ET EDIT-Getting Right Miracle Workers In Schools ETO EDIT-Terminal Decline The Left has been reduced to a shadow of its old self with no revival in sight ET EDIT-Overhaul the Model Code of Conduct NBT EDIT-भंवर में कांग्रेस TOI EDIT -Different Ballgame Indian voters are sophisticated enough to distinguish national from state polls TOI EDIT-Congress And Rahul Can party overcome irrational fears of collapse and unhinge itself from the dynasty? ET EDIT-For the Congress to Rebuild Itself