Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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अब अकेले ही दुनिया घूम रही हैं महिलाएं HT EDIT-Bollywood is finding a voice. This is good news Deepika Padukone showed courage. Actors speaking up enriches democracy MDR FEE WAIVER Jan Dhan’s Mascot Gets A Jolt श्रमिकों की चिंता HT EDIT-A new phase in Centre-state ties Both must respect the division of powers in the Constitution HT EDIT-Forest cover increases, but questions remain HT EDIT-Why Vajpayee’s values matter Returning to his principles will help India navigate the present HT EDIT-Clear the confusion on NRC The prime minister’s statement in Delhi on the issue is insufficient HT EDIT -The quest for gender parity at the workplace Structural discrimination has held women back. India must address it HT EDIT-The onus is on the BJP in UPYogi Adityanath must reach out to Muslims, restore order ED EDIT-Sound Decision to Not Raise GST Rates GST Council should focus on data analyti TOI EDIT -Don’t Raise Taxes GST Council should avoid any increase when aggregate demand remains weak HT EDIT-How to quell the CAA unrest Pull back from the NRC. Change the timeline for the Northeast HT EDIT-The fraying of the federal compact Both the Centre and states must respect divisions of power TOI EDIT-Populist Excess HT EDIT-The BJP’s ideological push Modi 2.0 is fulfilling its stated goals. But there are clear risks TOI EDIT-North-east Protests Stop and think. Citizenship (Amendment) Bill will create more problems than it solves ET EDIT-Reform of Personal Income Tax Welcome See it as an integral part of formalising economy TIMES OF INDIA EDIT-Don’t Unleash Chaos HT EDIT-Why rule of law and due process are sacrosanct HT EDIT-A road map for economic revival The FM’s prescriptions are positive. Build on them TOI EDIT-Dead Before Trial Let’s not celebrate encounters ET EDIT=Let Analytics Firms Raise GST Collection HT EDIT -Modi lays out his road map The PM believes structural reforms will yield results Central Bank Must Respect Sentiment Rate cuts are not just about rational calculus ETEDIT-Compensate States For GST Shortfalls TOI EDIT-Unending Trauma Eerily similar cases of women attacked and set on fire reveal the rot runs deep HT EDIT-Conversations for a better tomorrow TRIBUNE EDIT -Haryana, recruit teachers They are the key to socio-economic uplift TOI EDIT-Go Beyond Outrage Hyderabad horror exposes, once again, why women deserve a better deal from governments