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CBI CONDUCTS SEARCHES AT 6 LOCATIONS including Lucknow and Prayagraj/Allahabad at the premises of Ex. MP; his associates

July 17, 2019 08:01 PM


New Delhi, 17.07.2019
The Central Bureau of Investigation has today conducted searches at six locations including Lucknow and Prayagraj/Allahabad at the premises of Ex. MP; his associates and others in an ongoing investigation of a case. Certain incriminating documents and articles have been recovered during searches.

CBI had registered the case on the allegations that Sh. S.K.S. Yadav (DANICS Officer) working as Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat Lakshadweep Administration, Kavaratti entered into a conspiracy with others in the purchase of two Cosmo buses from M/s Geo Motors Pvt. Ltd., Cochin @ Rs. 4,19,256/- which was the rate quoted by the private firm without calling for tenders. Further, the accused purchased 18 more buses from the said firm without following codel formalities. It was also alleged that he accepted Rs. 7.49 lakh (approx.) as reward from the Director of said private firm for purchasing the 20 buses at the same rate.

CBI had registered a case on 12.06.2019 U/s 147, 149, 386, 329, 420, 467, 468, 471, 394, 506 and 120-B of IPC against Ex. MP, resident of District Prayagraj/Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh) and others on the orders dated 23.04.2019 of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and taken over the investigation of the FIR No. 810/2018, earlier registered at Police Station Krishna Nagar, Lucknow. It was alleged in the FIR that the said Ex. MP had been demanding extortion money from the businessman based at Lucknow. It was further alleged that when the businessman opposed the same, the associates of Ex. MP abducted him from Lucknow in a car and took him to Deoria Jail, where the said Ex. MP was present. It was also alleged in the FIR that the businessman was criminally intimidated and beaten up by said Ex. MP & his men and all his four firms were forcefully got transferred in the name of the associates of said Ex. MP.

Further investigation is continuing.

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