Tuesday, November 12, 2019
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Earn Respect of Officials: PM to Ministers Ministers told to show complete commitment to their ministry

June 26, 2019 06:07 AM


Earn Respect of Officials: PM to Ministers
Ministers told to show complete commitment to their ministry

New Delhi:

First seek to understand your departments well enough, then move cautiously and lead by example — that is the mantra Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given to his new set of ministers, according to government insiders.

A conscious effort to stay off issues that can spark controversies and the need to protect the government’s image are also clear rules of the game under Modi 2.0.

The PM has impressed upon his ministers the need to show complete commitment to their ministry — as much to indicate the seriousness with which the job at hand must be handled as to earn the respect of officials tasked with implementing government decisions, sources said.

Several ministers and their ministers of state are seen clocking a good number of hours in their respective offices. Modi is also learnt to have emphasised to his ministers in almost all meetings held with them so far that they should immerse themselves in their new work areas and aim at gaining a comprehensive and thorough understanding of their sectors before taking any major decisions or announcing them to the media.

The importance of holding thorough reviews of every unit of their department has been underlined — a work ethic being implemented in the right earnest across ministries, sources said. Rounds of reviews continue to be held by ministers so that they are well informed on their subject areas.

Sources said the I&B ministry is considering a new and more streamlined and speedier template to ensure that ‘negative’ or incorrect news unfavourable to the government is quickly countered with full facts by the department concerned.

Several issues, which can possibly spark off political controversies, are also being held back for implementation at a more staggered pace.

A case in point: the HRD ministry’s expected move to pilot the Higher Education Commission of India Bill to set up a single higher education regulator — a job left undone under Modi 1.0 — has been moved out of the 100-day agenda. The government, instead, has now said it wants greater consultation on the issue before taking it to Parliament.


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