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Haryana IAS couple gets notice to join probe

June 13, 2019 05:28 AM


Hitender Rao ■
Haryana IAS couple gets notice to join probe

CHANDIGARH : The special investigation team (SIT) looking into alleged corruption by officials of the regional transport authority (RTA) in Charkhi Dadri has served notices on two IAS officers — Ajay Singh Tomer and his wife Sangeeta Tetarwal — to join probe in the case, it is learnt.

Tomer, former Charkhi Dadri deputy commissioner, and Sangeeta, former additional deputy commissioner and regional transport authority (RTA) secretary, were shifted out of the district three weeks ago following the recovery of about Rs 63 lakh unaccounted cash from two RTA officials by Rohtak police.

The RTA officials, Manish Madan and Amit, and two other persons were arrested in the case. A case of extortion under Section 384 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and under provisions of the Prevention of Corruption Act was registered. Money was allegedly collected by the RTA officials from overloaded freight vehicles and middlemen were deployed to facilitate cash collection, the police said.

“The collection was documented in an Excel sheet. Those who paid up were allowed to go scot-free by the RTA officials deployed to check overloaded freight vehicles,” the police said.

Police officials investigating the case said following the questioning of the arrested officials, the needle of suspicion turned towards the IAS couple. Due to their suspected role in the episode, the state government has not given fresh postings to the couple. The couple was incommunicado and attempts to seek their comments proved futile. Tomer is a 2012 batch IAS officer while Sangeeta is of the 2013 batch. During the probe, the SIT headed by Rohtak superintendent of police (SP) Jashandeep Randhawa also arrested Tomers’ personal assistant Suresh Kumar.

“The SIT is getting their mobile phones examined. Certain other officials of the transport department are also under scanner,’’ said a police official.

The police are also exploring the possible involvement of certain other civil servants in such money deals.


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