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PGI starts research project to devise sustainable cycling mode

May 14, 2019 06:21 AM


PGI starts research project to devise sustainable cycling model


Following the lead of Indian Institute of Science (IISC), Bangalore, PGI has planned to start a campus bicycle project which will be based on scientifically validated data.

IISC’s Namma cycle is the first public bicycle concept where students can register online for cycle sharing.

With an aim of promoting healthy lifestyle and low emissions of green house gases, the department of community medicine has started a three-phase research project. Firstly, a questionnaire will be given out to identy why there are not many cyclists on the campus. Then, an evaluation of bicycle-friendliness of the campus will be done, followed by preparing a standard checklist for such an arrangement. It will be compared with the existing facilities on the campus. After tabulation of the results, a cycle policy would be devised for implementation across PGI, including for its doctors and paramedical staff.

Currently, the PGI campus has no cycle track. “At institutes like the Stanford University, there are shared lane markings or sharrows. These have signages painted on the roads to provide guidance to both bicyclists and motorists for sharing the lane,” said Prof Amarjeet Singh, department of community medicine, PGI.

He said, “Panjab University could not sustain the promotion of cycling on its campus. So, we have planned a research to understand how the same can be successfully implemented in PGI. Official approvals have been taken for the project to start with.”

Sharing the inception of this idea, junior resident of community medicine department Shruthi Rajan said, “I and my friends used to cycle around the campus quite often. But wherever we would park our bicycles, we would remain concerned about their safety as some cycle thefts were reported in the recent past. When I discussed this concern with my senior, I was suggested to take the issue as a research subject.”

She said, “This project will help improve health and wellness of residents/students and provide affordable transportation options. It will ease the traffic flow and reduce the parking demand on the campus, while cutting down on the carbon footprint

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