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After dog bite, 69-year-old man struggles for vaccination in Pkl

April 14, 2019 06:43 AM


After dog bite, 69-year-old man struggles for vaccination in Pkl


A senior citizen was forced to run from pillar to post to get a dog bite vaccination in Panchkula on Thursday. For two hours he kept struggling to get vaccinated as he was scheduled to accompany his family members to perform last rites of a relative at Haridwar on Friday.

When his all attempts to get vaccinated on the night of Thursday went down the drain, then B S Chauhan

(69) cancelled his visit to Haridwar and got himself vaccinated on Friday.

Chauhan, vice-president, resident welfare association, Sector 26, said it was about 8 pm when he was going to drop his clothes to a washerman, he was bitten by a stray dog on his leg from behind. He went to a private doctor at Madanpura village but was refused treatment on the plea that private doctors are not equipped to treat dog bite cases.

“I then went to local dispensary and asked the nurse there to administer me vaccination. But the nurse said the doctor is not available and I must come the next day.

“I requested her that I am scheduled to go to Haridwar the next day due to death in family but she never gave any attention to my request and I had to return without treatment. She also said that if it is so much emergency, I must go to General Hospital, Sector 6, Panchkula. And I was not in condition to drive during late hours. Then the next day when I went to dispensary, I was administered vaccination,” said Chauhan.

Panchkula residents have been victimised by stray dogs earlier too. Officials at the General Hospital, Sector 6, said on an average, 200 to 250 cases of dog bite were reported every month from the town. In January this year, a series of stray dog bites rocked the Panchkula city with 15 cases reported from the town few days, after which the residents had demanded that officials of the MC should find some other solution to the stray dog menace as sterilisation drive has made a little impact here

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