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MP oppn sniffs conspiracy after EVM room blackout CCTVs, LED Screens Go Off For 90 Min

December 01, 2018 06:52 AM

courtesy TOI DEC1

MP oppn sniffs conspiracy after EVM room blackout
CCTVs, LED Screens Go Off For 90 Min


Power supply to the EVM strong room in Bhopal snapped for one and a half hours on Friday, cutting off CCTV cameras and LED screens showing live status of the EVMs, triggering a major controversy in the tense wait for results day.

Congress and AAP candidates rushed to the spot and demanded a probe. They accused the administration of negligence and plan to file a complaint with state election office. State AAP president Alok Agarwal alleged that it’s “part of a larger conspiracy” and demanded that district election officer Sudam Khade should be removed from his post.

Later in the evening, district officials took candidates and representatives of Congress and AAP into the strong room to let them inspect the EVMs. However, the LED screens again stopped functioning in the evening. “A report has been sought from the district election officer,” CEO VL Kantha Rao told TOI.

The strong room, in old Bhopal jail, holds 2,265 EVMs of the seven assembly constituencies in Bhopal. Congress and AAP workers have been camping at the gates, keeping a close watch on the live CCTV feed of the EVMs being shown on big LED screens. They were alarmed when at 8.30am on Friday, the screens went blank. They called their leaders, and soon full blown protests erupted.

Congress leader Yogendra Chouhan accused district administration of negligence. Collector Sudam Khade told TOI that it was “a matter of interruption in power supply”

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