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Police account of capture key in who gets Vikas’s reward

July 12, 2020 06:34 AM


Police account of capture key in who gets Vikas’s reward
Brajesh Parmar TNN


Who gets the Rs 5 lakh bounty announced for the arrest of Vikas Dubey? Ujjain police on Saturday began questioning eyewitnesses and everyone who claimed to have had a role in the capture – from shopkeepers and priests to private security guards and policemen.

“We will be considering the question of reward only after we get all the facts straight. We have not considered it (reward) yet,” Ujjain SP Manoj Kumar Singh told TOI.

Senior police officers are building a step-by-step picture of the dramatic capture at Mahakaal Temple on Thursday morning.

“We questioned every individual involved connected with the arrest – starting with when he was identified at a puja material shop to verification of his identity at Mahakaal police station,” the SP said. Each of them was paraded before IG Rakesh Gupta to have their statement recorded. According to police, Vikas was identified by shopkeeper Suresh Mali, who checked Vikas’s photographs on the internet and alerted temple security guard Rahul Sharma and constable Vijay Rathore. The duo, with other guards, confronted Vikas and nabbed him as he emerged from the temple sanctorum.

Temple priest, guard made claims contrary to police statement

However, temple priest Gopal Singh Kushwah and security guard Lakhan Yadav had made claims contrary to the police press statement on the sequence of events. Private security firm SIS India removed Yadav from duty.

“Lakhan tried to claim glory. He was posted in Sati Mata area of the temple (away from where Vikas was caught). He misled media and has confessed to this in a letter, where he admits he had no role in the gangster’s capture. We will be taking disciplinary action against him,” SIS India branch head Arvind Singh told TOI.

Kushwah, who earlier claimed to be part of the team that identified Vikas by checking CCTV grabs and comparing his image with the gangster’s photograph on the internet, took a U-turn on Saturday. “I only directed him to the shoe stand and told him where to get tickets. I came to know about his identity when police constable Vijay Rathore interrogated him,” Kushwah said. Rathore and security guard Rahul Sharma stuck to their statements that they confronted Vikas, busted his fake ID, and dragged him to Mahakaal police station, about 100 metres from the temple. TNN


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