Saturday, August 08, 2020
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Pink-slipped techie sells vegetables in Mandya

July 12, 2020 06:33 AM


Pink-slipped techie sells vegetables in Mandya
KR Rajendrakumar TNN


A software engineer who was recently given the pink slip is now selling vegetables in Mandya.

Anu, a computer science graduate from Ghousia College of Engineering in Ramanagara, was working as a software engineer in Bengaluru for past three years. Anu’s father Virendra Singh had migrated to Mandya from Uttar Pradesh decades ago in search of a better livelihood. He owns a fast food eatery while his wife is a vegetable vendor.

After graduation, Anu had been working in a software company in Bengaluru. But following the economic downturn due to Covid-19, Anu lost her job and returned to Mandya. Meanwhile, Anu’s mother suffered a spinal cord injury making it difficult for her to sell vegetables. The financial burden forced Anu and her younger sister, a graduation student, to take on their mother’s vegetable business.

“It is tough and painful to see my daughters selling vegetables on the street. But I am proud that they have no qualms doing it despite being educated,” says Anu’s father, adding, “Anu should be a model to youths who are disheartened over losing their jobs and attempt to end their lives.”

While Anu hopes that once the market improves, she will get her job back, she does not mind helping her parents out in these trying times. “As a daughter, it’s my responsibility. While I’m being appreciated for selling vegetables, one must remember that this business helped me get educated and build a career,” she says

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