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request for bringing private member bill in Haryana Assembly

January 10, 2014 11:57 AM

REQUEST TO ANIL VIJ IN PUBLIC INTEREST Respected Vij Ji, You had been raising issues of public interest without any fear and favour.I take liberty in requesting you in public interest to bring following private member bills in Haryana Assembly. 1 Arvind Kejriwal  and Vasundhra Raje has declined big houses. But in Haryana there is provision  that former chief minister will get same facility till death.This is putting burden on poor tax payer.Bring bill for abolishing this provision.Although it will affect Master Hukam Singh otherwise a good person who had ordered inquiry into much published Ruchika molestation case stating that I am father first then chief minister.but I feel that he will also welcome it. 2 Bill for amending Lokayukat Act and replacing it with act made by Havipa and B.J.P. coalition Govt. headed by late Bansilal which had wide powers of taking suo motto notice of corruption cases and in that Lokayukat need not to get permission of Governor for starting  proceedings against the chief minister. Rahul Gandhi has already asked Congress chief ministers to empower Lokaayukat.I had made unsuccessful attempt by launching starting signature  campaign for empowering the present dummy Lokaayukat.
3 Amending the present Haryana Public Service Commission Act, abolishing or minimizing interview marks for selection in govt jobs as it has become necessary in view of allegations in recent recruitment to H.C.S. by the Commission.
You will do a great service to society and I hope you will not disappoint   people of state.

                                  PAWAN KUMAR BANSAL DIRECTOR,CITIZENS FOR RESPONSIBILITY,ACCOUNTABILITY AND TRANSPARENCY M  08882828301  EMAIL copy  to chief minister,Haryana. Speaker,Haryana Vidhansabha.

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