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Min’s wife loses ₹2.5L from car: BJP under oppn fire Misuse Of Govt Machinery

October 10, 2019 05:52 AM


Min’s wife loses ₹2.5L from car: BJP under oppn fire Misuse Of Govt Machinery Reflected In Vehicle Being Used For Personal Work: Congress TIMES NEWS NETWORK Dharamshala : The Congress on Wednesday said the BJP government’s misuse of government machinery reflected in the theft of Rs 2.5 lakh from a government car which was being used by state forest minister Govind Singh Thakur’s wife, Rajni Thakur, for going to an upmarket beauty parlour in Chandigarh. Rajni filed a complaint with Chandigarh Police on Monday, alleging that Rs 2.5 lakh and a gold necklace were stolen from a government vehicle (HP-66-0001) she was using. The car was parked in Sector 8 when the theft took place. Punjab Congress affairs in-charge Asha Kumari, at a press conference here, said a person could not carry more than Rs 50,000, but the theft showed that the state’s ministers and their relatives were misusing power. “The vehicle used by the minister’s wife is registered in the name of managing director of Himachal Road Transport Corporation, Shimla,” added Kumari. The Congress leader said the government vehicle waited for the minster’s wife for about five hours outside the saloon in Chandigarh. Rajni, in her complaint to Chandigarh Police, alleged that she had been staying at Himachal Bhawan and was at a saloon in Sector 8 when theft the took place. A copy of the FIR, downloaded from the Chandigarh Police’s website, is with TOI. The BJP has already been criticised for the incident on social media. Asha Kumari said the BJP was misusing government machinery for the October 21bypolls in two assembly seats and urged the Election Commission to act. “We have given complaints to the Election Commission. Our leaders also caught a truck loaded with pipes in Pachhad constituency. The government is trying to appease voters by executing works while the code of conduct is in place,” said Kumari

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