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Jairam Speaks. Anyone Listening?

June 07, 2016 06:16 AM

 coursteyJun 07 2016 : The Economic Times (Delhi)

Jairam Speaks. Anyone Listening?

Since Jairam Ramesh getting elbowed out of Team Rahul is no secret, Congress circles have stopped taking note of his frequent calls urging Gandhi to become party chief. Instead, seasoned leaders are gossiping whether Ramesh, postRajya Sabha renomination, has performed thanks-giving `sashtanga namaskar' before the two influential `deities' in AICC establishment to whom he had gravitated to since his meltdown at Rahul durbar.

Setting the Ball Rolling

Niti Aayog has started the process of replacing the Nehruvian five-year plans with a 15-year National Development Agenda and a seven-year strategy.Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant has shot off letters to ministries to frame vision documents by June 17. What they are finding difficult to follow is the directive that the documents should be unambigious, sharp, crisp and only of five pages.

Media Plans of Swaraj

Foreign minister Sushma Swaraj will be holding a two-year anniversary conference after the PM returns from his 5-nation trip on June 10. This will be the first media engagement of the minister after she was hospitalised last month. Swaraj has not given any media interviews on the second anniversary unlike other ministers.

At the Last Moment

While Mulayam was anxious if Ram Gopal had ensured proper allocation of MLAs to ensure victory of all seven party candidates, especially Amar Singh and Sanjay Seth, RG was planning a visit abroad ahead of RS polls. Only after RG assured, MSY let him go for his vacation. SP candidates wanted RG to tell their quota of MLAs.RG, however, has kept this as a secret and Ambika Chaudhary will reveal it only on Saturday.


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