Sunday, July 05, 2020
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Apex RWA body in P’kula stops entry of domestic helps

June 07, 2020 05:33 AM


Apex RWA body in P’kula stops entry of domestic helps
Tanbir Dhaliwal

Panchkula : The Citizens Welfare Association, which represents at least 37 resident welfare associations in Panchkula, has decided not to “allow maids in their societies until lockdown is completely lifted”, in violation of the deputy commissioner’s orders.

SK Nayar, president, Citizens Welfare Association, Panchkula, said: “Recently, we held a meeting with a senior health official, who also advised us to avoid taking services of domestic helps. Representatives of RWAs from various sectors, including Sectors 9, 10 and 15, were present. We were told that only those people should employ maids who can arrange for their stay in their homes.”

However, there are a few exceptions, such as Sector 12, where entry of domestic helps has been allowed following the Centre’s Unlock plan this month.

Meanwhile, domestic helps are at the receiving end, having lost their source of income.

“Every third day, I get a call from some domestic help seeking work. Some even come to the house. This is completely opposite to the pre-lockdown period, when getting a maid in this sector was a herculean task. That’s how bad their situation is now,” said KP Singh, an advocate who resides in Sector 28, Panchkula.

Deputy commissioner Mukesh Kumar Ahuja said: “There is no restriction on the movement of domestic helps. Maids are allowed to work and no one can stop them. I have already issued orders in this regard.” Another senior official, who did not wish to be named, confirmed RWAs have no authority to stop domestic helps from working in their societies.

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