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Uttar Pradesh

Fear of missing a ride forces migrants to live at bus stands

May 29, 2020 05:31 AM


Fear of missing a ride forces migrants to live at bus stands


Sweating profusely, Suraj, 18, sat on the floor of Meerut’s Bhainsali bus terminal on Thursday. He now lives there. “It has been two days since I am waiting for a bus to go to Bahraich. We are a group of 26 who worked as farm labourers in Meerut. But with hardly any savings left, I have no other option than wait here,” says Suraj. He registered for a bus ride five days ago but has not got any confirmation as of yet. Suraj is not alone. Scores of migrants have now started living at the bus terminal itself.

On Tuesday, Meerutbroke a six-year May record and recorded a temperature of 44.5 degrees — hottest day of the season so far. The migrants are staying at the terminal, which has ceiling fans, but there is no respite from the heat.

Any person who wants to go home needs to register himself with the district control room telephonically and provide a phone number. Once the authorities have at least 30 people going to a destination, a bus is arranged.

Subhash Prajapati, additional district magistrate (finance), said, “The people at the bus terminal were told that they will be called on the day their bus is scheduled to leave. But they have refused to budge.

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