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Badshahpur MLA seeks names of non-performing officials

May 27, 2020 06:02 AM


Badshahpur MLA seeks names of non-performing officials
Abhishek Behl

Gurugram : In a move that sparked heated social media discussions, Badshahpur’s independent MLA Rakesh Daultabad on Monday sought names of non-performing officials from city residents and said that he would submit the list to the Haryana chief minister.

Daultabad’s post on Twitter elicited sharp retorts from leaders of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Congress, who termed it a populist measure aimed at currying favour with voters. However, a large number of Gurugram residents came out in support of the MLA, who said that assessing the performance of officials and public feedback was a necessary step.

Daultabad in his tweet on Monday said, “I am going to submit list of non-performing govt officers or employees to CM Sahab. You are welcome to share name of such employees with examples of non-performance.”

Badshahpur residents immediately replied, highlighting deficiencies in road infrastructure and water supply, electricity shortages, roads in new sectors, overpricing of liquor and a few calling for a new development authority, alleging that existing agencies have failed to perform.

Later on Tuesday, Daultabad said that residents had responded positively and sent around 400 messages to his post. “Our objective is not to point fingers but to assess the ground situation and know what the perception of people is about governance. We will convey the feedback received from people to the government and CM, regarding the issues faced by city residents,” he said.

Pravin Malik, the president of Sare Home residents’ welfare association (RWA), said that since Gurugram was a corporate city, there was a need for a 360-degree review of performance by public officials and to set benchmarks for delivery. “The government employees must be assessed for performance and feedback must be taken from people who can really say what (services) they are getting,” he said.

Among those who criticised Daultabad’s post was BJP’s Manish Yadav, Daultabad’s rival during the last state elections. Yadav posted on Twitter, “We have the most promising and performing government under the leadership of Sh ML Khattar, who is delivering to its best even in this difficult times n before pointing on administration we need to ask ourselves, are we giving our Best (sic).” Yadav could not be reached for comment on Tuesday.

A Congress leader from Badshahpur said that the MLA, who is asking questions, is himself a “non-performer”. “Approvals and budgets have been granted for a medical college in Kherki Majra and hospitals in Badshahpur and Farrukhnagar, but how many times has our MLA taken up these issues with CM? This is a move to get popularity only,” he said

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