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Police sat on six intel warnings to step up security

February 27, 2020 05:18 AM


Police sat on six intel warnings to step up security

New Delhi:

Delhi Police was sent at least six alerts on Sunday warning of possible violence and asking for deployment to be stepped up after BJP functionary Kapil Mishra called for a gathering at northeast Delhi’s Maujpur. Clashes erupted the same evening and turned into full-fledged riots the next day, but police failed to act in time.

Sources said the special branch and intelligence wing had sent multiple alerts through wireless radio messages to northeast district and the police brass. The first alert to step up deployment and increase vigil was sent after Mishra posted a tweet at 1.22pm asking people to assemble at Maujpur Chowk at 3pm to support the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

Anticipating confrontation, the intelligence wing reportedly advised the local police to increase vigil in the area. Further alerts were sent after stone-pelting began in the area and mobs were seen gathering in colonies, sources said.

Delhi Police, however, denied being lax over these alerts. An officer, who did not wish to be named, said that police took all possible measures after receiving the alert. “It was for this precise reason that a senior officer accompanied Mishra and ensured that he left the area as soon as possible. Despite efforts, anti-CAA protesters started pelting stones on Mishra’s group, which led to retaliation and subsequent clashes. However, the situation was brought under control in no time,” the officer said.

On Sunday, Mishra reached Jafrabad with his supporters and party workers. In a speech, he gave a three-day ultimatum to the police to remove the blockade. Clashes erupted soon after he left the area.

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