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5k farmers in Karnal alone await insurance claims of losses in 2018

January 26, 2020 06:49 AM


5k farmers in Karnal alone await insurance claims of losses in 2018
Amit Kumar TNN


More than 5,000 farmers, who suffered crop loss during the 2018 kharif (summer sown) season, are yet to receive compensation in Karnal district under the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY). One-and-a-half years on, farmers have been running from pillar to post to get their insurance claims. Due to clerical mistakes by their banks, the insurance company has rejected the claims of around 4,395 farmers.

The banks stated that the company would pay the money of crop losses to farmers, as the premium was deducted by it. On other hand, the company said mistakes were committed by banks, so they were at fault and should also pay for that. The delay in the settlement of claims is leading to resentment among farmers, who are demanding that the state and Union governments take action against defaulters.

According to data provided by the Karnal agriculture department, a total of 37,147 farmers were registered for kharif crops under PMFBY in 2018. Out of them, 15,474 farmers had approached the agriculture department for claims after facing losses due to excessive rainfall.

Applications of 3,474 farmers had been rejected, as they had filed for claims after 48 hours of the loss. The remaining 12,000 applicants were found to be genuine. Of them, around 5,000 farmers have been waiting for their compensation since 2018, out of which 4,395 farmers were those whose details on the PMFBY portal were not entered correctly by their banks. The insurance company collected more than Rs1,513.7 lakh in premium in the 2018 kharif season, covering an area of 58,799.14 hectares. The government had allotted the tender to the company for the 2018-19 rabi season as well. The farmers are blaming the insurance company and banks for harassing them by not settling their claims, and demanding stringent action against them.

Subhas Chand, a farmer of Assandh sub-division, said, “My crop on nearly six acres got damaged, and I have suffered a loss of nearly Rs2 lakh during the 2018 kharif season, but I did not get any compensation, despite paying the premium.” Another farmer, Vikram Singh, said, “The government does not seem much concerned about the plight of farmers. I approached the department several times for my claim, but to no avail. The company and banks were harassing us.”

Rattan Mann, state president of Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU), said, “It is very surprising that even after one-and-a half years, the state government and district authorities could not decide who is at fault, and pay the compensation to farmers. The compensation should be given soon, or they will stage a protest for dues.”

Karnal deputy director of agriculture Aditya Dabas admitted that around 5,000 farmers’ crop insurance claims were yet to be settled. “The issue had been brought to the notice of the state government by the then Karnal deputy commissioner. Recently, Haryana additional chief secretary TVSN Prasad issued a letter to the Union finance department, chief executive officer of PMFBY, and director-cumchairman of state-level bankers committee to ensure compensation,” he said. “I will get the issue checked and resolved,” said Karnal DC Nishant Kumar Yadav

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