Saturday, January 25, 2020
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Revenue dept limits number of land deed registrations to eliminate touts

January 14, 2020 05:41 AM

Archana Mishra

Gurugram : To streamline the online procedure for registration of land deeds and documents, the revenue and disaster management department has now put a cap on the number of tokens to be issued in a day, prohibiting third-party interference like deed writers, advocates, property consultants and agents in the entire process.

On Monday, the state revenue department issued a letter to the deputy commissioners (registrars) and tehsildars/naib tehsildars (sub-registrars/joint sub-registrars) in the state.

A copy of the order (which is with HT) reads that for the appointment for registration of deeds of sale, lease, mortgage, General Power of Attorney or Specific Power of Attorney, tokens will be provided only to the person or entity in whose favour the deed is being executed. It could be a buyer or seller of the land properties, a mortgagee or mortgagor or the bank. It would no longer be issued to deed writers, advocates, property consultants, agents.

The order has been issued under the Registration Act, 1908, to ensure transparency while issuing tokens.

Amit Khatri, deputy commissioner, said, “The purpose is to make the entire registration process hassle-free for genuine property buyers and sellers. The mode of token allotment has to be such that it does not allow third-party interference.”

Further, there has been an upper limit in the online and offline registration of the deeds. As per the order, only 60 deeds can be registered in a day, of which 30 can be registered through an online appointment and the remaining 30 through the offline process at the tehsil-level. Also, tokens will be distributed until 2pm.

Khatri said that there was a demand to increase the number of tokens issued in a day considering Gurugram is a real estate and property hub.

To avoid fleecing by agents who get tokens issued illegally, it has been made mandatory that the name of the buyer, seller, and lessee, along with the transaction value, be a match with the actual deed and the token issued at the time of appointment. The same will apply to tokens issued online via the Saral portal.

Specifically for the online appointment, the department has made e-stamp details, stamp date, amount of stamp duty along with other identification documents mandatory. In this case, to avoid any misuse, the registering authority will have to verify the details.

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