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Thieves strike onions in Bhavnagar

December 06, 2019 06:04 AM


Thieves strike onions in Bhavnagar
Steal 750 kg of onions from marketing yard on Wednesday night; the stock would have fetched more than Rs 1 lakh in open market
Nischal Sanghavi
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Onions mean big money these days. So why waste time breaking into small shops for onions when one can lay hands on hundreds of kilograms of the extremely-precious-at-the-moment bulb at one go? Lured by the prospect, thieves reportedly raided the Bhavnagar marketing yard on the intermittent night of Wednesday and Thursday and made away with 750 kg of onion, costing over Rs 1 lakh in the open market at present.

Confirming the theft, Bhikhabhai Jajadiya, former president of Bhavnagar marketing yard, said that 15 bags of onion, each weighing 50 kg, were found missing from Maharaja Saheb Krushnasinhji Khetivadi APMC in Fulsar, also known as Bhavnagar marketing yard, on Thursday morning.

The onions belonged to Bhimjibhai Patelia, a farmer from Valupur town near Bhavnagar. He had got 84 bags of onions, each weighing 50 kg, to the marketing yard on Wednesday. The same day, he sold 44 bags to Chandubhai Vidamar, a businessman.

The onions were sold for Rs 70 per kg, with one bag priced at Rs 3,500. He made a deal to sell the remaining 40 bags to Roshan Kanhaiyalal, another businessman. As is the usual practice, these bags were left at the yard on Wednesday night, to be transported to the godown later.

Market secretary DS Royla too confirmed the theft. “The theft has taken place. However, the stock belonged to a businessman and if there is any complaint to be made, he has to make it. There are chances the stock might have been picked up by a fellow businessman,” he said. He added that CCTVs were installed at the yard 5 years ago, but many of them are not functioning properly. “We want to install IP cameras, but there are no government guidelines for the same,” he added.

According to Jajadiya, when Kanhaiyalal checked his stock in the morning for transportation, he realised that 15 bags of onion were missing. The bags contained 750 kg of onion worth Rs 52,500 in the yard. Authorities of the marketing yard were immediately informed. Investigation was initiated after a meeting of office-bearers of the yard and businessmen. Bhavnagar Marketing Yard comes under the jurisdiction of the district’s D-Division Police Station. According to HD Gohil, PSO of the station, they have not yet received any complaint in the matter. Jajadiya explained that in such cases it was a regular procedure for the APMC to first investigate internally and approach police only if it fails. The regular auction at the yard on Thursday was delayed because of the incident. He added that the yard does have CCTVs but it is not known if they are functional. He said that since the deal had been struck for sale, the loss was of the buyer, and not the farmer.

Lashing out at the state government, Palbhai Ambaliya of Gujarat Kisan Congress said there was no proper management of the marketing yard by the government. “The marketing yard does not have proper sheds for storage of farmers’ produce. Not only that, there is no proper security arrangement either,” he said.

The stolen bags were part of the stock purchased by a businessman on Wed

The stock belonged to a businessman and if there is any complaint to be made, he has to make it. There are chances it might have been picked up by a fellow businessman

DS Royla, Market Secretary


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