Thursday, November 14, 2019
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CHANDIGARH-On MHA directions, UT admn rushes to fill 478 posts of clerks and stenos

October 08, 2019 04:56 AM


Munieshwer A Sagar Chandigarh : Acting on recent instructions from the home affairs ministry (MHA), the UT administration has started the process to fill up its vacancies, seeking applications initially for 478 clerks and steno typists in group C: class-III employees. There are 1,721 vacant posts across different UT departments. Posts to be advertised now include 421 for clerks and 57 for steno typists (English). Applications can only be submitted online on the website,, with an October 21 deadline. “The administration will be filling up all vacancies in the coming days with periodic advertisements in the newspapers. The personnel department, last month, directed all departments to start hiring people for the smooth functioning of the administration’s work,” said a senior UT official who didn’t want to be named as he’s not authorised to speak to the media. There are 7,013 sanctioned posts in Group C, of which 1,332 are vacant. The engineering department has 451 vacancies and construction circle-2 has 320; Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH)-32 has 176; health and family welfare department has 122 and Model Jail 95. For the Group B or class-II category, of the 945 sanctioned posts, 179 are vacant. The highest number of vacant posts in this category are in GMCH-32 at 30, followed by the health and family welfare department at 28. Group A or Class-I category has 210 vacant posts against 918 sanctioned posts. The health and family welfare department has 81; GMCH-32 has 33, and engineering department has 29. In a sternly worded letter last month, the MHA directed the UT administration to calculate vacancies and fill them up in the next five years. Advertisements, it instructed by January 1 of every year. Proposal to create 5,000 posts pending Significantly, the administration’s proposals for the creation of around 5,000 new posts in different UT departments are pending with the central government. “MHA directions to fill the existing vacant posts have come at a time when the administration wants new posts created. If the administration keeps existing posts vacant for long periods then it cannot ask for creation of additional posts,” said the official

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