Thursday, November 14, 2019
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Staff, every move you make, MC will be watch-ing you

September 28, 2019 06:57 AM


Staff, every move you make, MC will be watch-ing you


Watch out! Every move, every minute during duty hours will be monitored. The municipal corporation (MC) is going to make field staff of sanitation and other departments of the civic body wear GPSenabled special watches to cut absenteeism and increase efficiency, emulating Panchkula civic body which started the practice in July.

From mid-October, employees will be given the special watches that a company will provide at a rent of Rs 466 per piece per month for three years. The MC will procure 4,000 watches. The contract can be extended for another two years based on utility of the watches and performance of the company, said a senior officer.

“We have selected the company. We will now convene a meeting with its senior officials next week to try and reduce the monthly rent. Other clauses, like setting up monitoring control room and other issues, will also be discussed,” said an MC official. “Under the initiative, all field employees of sanitation, including regular, contractual and outsourced, and other departments, will wear the watches during the working hours. Their location, movement and entry and exit from designated areas of work will be tracked,” he said.

The watches will have multiple features like camera, speaker, microphone, pulse reading system, tracking of work area, number of deployment on ground, unnecessary time loss and proof of work.

Sources said a number of ghost employees are in the MC and many others are not following the working hours, which is reflecting in the productivity of the civic body. After three weeks, an escape will be almost impossible as all such misdemeanours will be under a close watch

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