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Traffic rules don’t apply to lawmakers? MLAs yet to pay pending fines

September 21, 2019 06:27 AM

courtesy MIRROR SEPT 21

Traffic rules don’t apply to lawmakers?
MLAs yet to pay pending fines
While the common man queues up outside RTOs, PUC centres, helmet shops and coughs up heavy fines, several MLAs from both BJP and Cong are yet to pay fines for multiple traffic violations
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Since the new traffic rules kicked in from Monday, the city has been in a grip of mad frenzy what with hefty fines being levied from the offenders; people have been queuing up outside PUC centres and the RTO to renew their licences and get other papers in order.

However, MLAs from across party lines have been driving around in airconditioned cars without paying traffic fines that have been imposed on them. The details put up on the websites of the traffic departments in the state revealed pending e-challans against many law makers. BJP MLA from Surat Harsh Sanghavi is yet to pay fines to the tune of Rs 4,400 after eight echallans were issued in his name by the traffic department for exceeding speed limits and driving without seat belt on various occasions between 2014 and 2019.

Darshana Jardosh, another BJP MP from Surat, has three pending e-challans amounting to Rs 600, issued to her for wrong parking, dangerous driving and violating stop signal.

Imran Khedawala, INC MLA from Jamalpur, Ahmedabad, also has pending e-challans to the tune of Rs 600 after his car violated the traffic rules four times. His party companion from Kalol, Baldevji Thakor also has pending traffic penalty amounting to Rs 100.

Anand MLA from BJP, Mitesh Patel, also wears the badge of a traffic violator as he is yet to pay up a fine of Rs

100. Rajya Sabha member Madhusudan Mistry is also a prominent offender with a pending due of Rs 500 issued against him for violating rules thrice.

While these ministers continue to ignore the e-challans and escape action by the traffic department, the common citizens have been taking leave from work to get their vehicle papers in order.

When contacted Mistry said, “The violations must have been done by my driver and I am not aware of them. I have not received any intimation regarding the offence. However, I shall pay the penalty at the earliest as I abide by the law.”

Defending himself Khedawala said, “I don’t drive; my driver does. I have previously received two e-challans, which I paid off. I have not received the pending e-challans, but I will pay it as soon as I get them.”

Jardosh too offered a similar explanation and said, “As soon as I get the echallan, I will pay my fine. In the past, I have paid penalty for my violations and I will pay for any challan issued in my name.”

Sanghavi accepted that he had received information about the pending challan and said, “I will pay the fine tomorrow.” Thakor, however, was unreachable for comment.

Mitesh Patel defended that he was in the US and unaware of any traffic violation. He also said that he would not know about it as his vehicle is being taken care of by his company.


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