Monday, October 21, 2019
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Ggm colleges to scrap maths due to low student strength

September 21, 2019 05:37 AM


Ggm colleges to scrap maths due to low student strength
Gurugram : The state’s higher education department has decided to discontinue courses in which the strength of the enrolled students is low and doesn’t meet the norms laid by the government. As per the directive issued by the department on Wednesday, more than 50 courses/subjects across 38 government colleges in the state will be discontinued with effect from the next academic session.

In new colleges, courses where student strength is less than 10 are being discontinued.

In Gurugram district, mathematics course at the undergraduate level will be discontinued in two colleges — Government College, Farrukhnagar, and Government College, Rithoj. While the college in Rithoj was started last year, the one in Farrukhnagar took admissions for the first time this year. The college in Rithoj offers mathematics and economics courses with student strength of 2 and 22, respectively, whereas Farrukhnagar college offers five courses — all with student strength less than 30. The college struggled to get enrolment for the mathematics course and only one student is currently pursuing the course.

Both the colleges have poor enrolment in other courses, but only maths is being discontinued for now, officials said. HTC

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