Wednesday, September 18, 2019
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HARYANA Govt college teachers stage stir, want fulfilment of demands

September 12, 2019 05:12 AM


Govt college teachers stage stir, want fulfilment of demands

HT Correspondent

Gurugram : Nearly 100 teachers of government colleges in the city sat on a dharna on Wednesday, seeking fulfilment of their demands that include the grant of non-compound increment on acquiring MPhil or PhD degrees as per norms of the University Grants Commission (UGC), and clearance of pending files for award of seniority and ‘pay band’ IV cases, among others.

The teachers other demands include amendment of department’s rural service condition, and reduction of class strength and work load, among others.

The sit-in took place under the leadership of Haryana Government College Teachers’ Association (HGCTA). The association also wrote a letter to the chief minister, outlining its various demands and sought their fulfilment.

“Teachers across the state stopped teaching at 12. They sat on a dharna till 2pm. Around 158 government colleges and 97 government affiliated colleges took part in the sit-in at various locations. We want the government to know that teachers will go on a complete strike if our demands are not met,” said Narender Siwach, president of HGCTA.

Rajesh Kundu, associate professor, Government College Sector 9, said that 25 teachers took part in the sit-in to highlight the various demands of teachers that remain unmet. “Currently, five years of rural service is a compulsory requirement for promotion and improvement in our academic grade pay. We want that this policy be changed and our grades are not stopped on account of non-fulfilment of rural service. The postings are done by the government, and after serving initial years in an urban setting, it becomes difficult for the person to teach in rural areas. The government should give rural service in the initial years,” said Kundu.

Outlining the demand of reduction in work load, he said, “Around 2012, the then additional chief secretary had increased the work load since the staff strength had reduced. The number of periods to be taken was increased to 27 theory and 30 practical classes. Back then it was decided that after new recruitment, the periods would go back to 24 theory and 30 practical classes, but this wasn’t done.”

Sandeep Mann, assistant professor at Government Girls College, Sector 14, said 70 teachers of the college took part in the sit-in.

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