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सुशांत सिंह आत्महत्या केस में CBI ने दर्ज की FIR, रिया चक्रवर्ती का भी नामहरियाणा के मुख्यमंत्री मनोहर लाल ने कोरोना से ठीक हुए लोगों से अपील की है कि वे इस महामारी से लडऩे को आमजन को प्रेरित करने के लिए आगे आएंसिरसा--बस अड्डा से सवारियों से भरी बस का अपहरणसुशांत मामला: मुंबई से लौटी बिहार पुलिस की टीम ने पटना में IG को सौंपी रिपोर्टCPI(M) नेता और वरिष्ठ यूनियन लीडर श्यामल चक्रवर्ती का निधनराहुल गांधी ने शुरू की बिहार चुनाव की तैयारी, वर्चुअल रैली को किया संबोधितमनोज सिन्हा होंगे जम्मू-कश्मीर के नए उपराज्यपाल, जीसी मुर्मू का इस्तीफा स्वीकारअहमदाबाद के कोरोना हॉस्पिटल में लगी आग, 8 मरीजों की मौत
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Why gun for security in age of e-banking, angadias: Govt Licence Denial Quashed By High Court

September 08, 2019 05:50 AM


Why gun for security in age of e-banking, angadias: Govt
Licence Denial Quashed By High Court


What is the need of carrying cash when good facilities — e-banking and angadia firms — are available for transactions. The state authorities have refused gun licences to two persons on these grounds.

When the gun licence claimants approached the Gujarat high court, it quashed the government’s decisions of rejecting the requests for licence to keep firearms. It asked the petitioners to file fresh applications for the licences and authorities have been ordered to take decision on new applications within two weeks.

Botad’s Bablubhai Khachar had applied to district magistrate for a gun licence in 2015 saying that he has agriculture land and he is involved in construction business too. He is required to take huge cash for payment to different cities across Gujarat in connection with his business. Since he has to carry huge cash, there is a threat to his life.

The district superintendent of police and sub-divisional magistrate gave a favourable opinion that Khachar can be granted a gun licence. But the district magistrate rejected the request saying that there is no danger to his life. At present, e-banking facility is available and the transactions can be done through it. Moreover, Khachar’s father and brother also possess gun licences.

Khachar appealed before the joint secretary, home department. But in August 2018, the secretary too upheld the ground for rejection. Khachar approached the high court with his grievance.

Another such case involved Samirbhai Saiyad from Babra in Amreli district. In 2015, he applied for gun licence citing security purpose. He said that he owns an autorickshaw manufacturing factory and a steel plant. For business purpose, he has to carry cash and there is possibility of robbery. He needs a gun for self protection.

The authorities rejected Saiyad’s request for licence on the ground that his life is not in danger. Moreover, he should not roam around carrying cash with him.

There is good banking facility in Babra and Lathi. The angadia facility available as well.

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