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HC tells govt to scale up awareness efforts on menstrual hygiene

September 05, 2019 04:54 AM


HC tells govt to scale up awareness efforts on menstrual hygiene
Richa Banka

New Delhi : The Delhi High Court has asked the state government to scale up efforts in creating awareness about menstrual hygiene in schools, hold interactive sessions every two weeks for students to remain updated and get their queries answered by counsellors.

A bench of Justice G S Sistani and Justice Jyoti Singh directed the government and all municipal corporations to provide a break-up of the number of co-educational and girls-only schools.

The court’s order came on a plea filed by advocate Setu Niket who claimed there had been a rise in the number of girls aged 10 dropping out of schools due to lack of education on menstruation.

On August 13, advocate Sanjoy Ghose, the Delhi government’s additional standing counsel, informed the court that a scheme was in place to provide sanitary napkins to girls at a subsidised rate. He said 45,000 non-school going girls have been regularly availing of the scheme.

“The government purchased 14.4 lakh sanitary napkins for ₹28 lakh and another supply worth ₹9 lakh is in the pipeline, stocks of which would be received in the stores between August 13 and August 16. However, there is no specific information whether the same has been received by now or not,” the affidavit said. Ghose told the court that free sanitary napkins had been given to girls in the Delhi government-run schools under the Kishori Yojana.

The court asked the authorities to inform if any common circular had been issued to all the heads of institutions on educating girls about menstrual hygiene.

“The aim and object of the schemes should be first to educate the children, remove their doubts and educate them about the reasons and the importance of personal hygiene,” the court said in its August 13 order, adding every effort should be made to ensure privacy.

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