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Crime, bad air make Delhi less liveable

September 05, 2019 04:51 AM

courtesy  HT SEPT 5
Crime, bad air make Delhi less liveable

HT Correspondent

New Delhi : The Capital dropped six places to rank 118th on a list of the world’s most liveable cities due to increase in crime and poor air quality, an annual survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) showed on Wednesday.

Delhi registered the biggest decline in Asia while Mumbai fell two places to 119th on the Global Liveability Index for 2019 that was topped by the Austrian capital of Vienna for the second consecutive year. Melbourne in Australia was ranked second.

The EIU said the decline in Mumbai’s rank was mainly due to a downgrade in its culture score, while New Delhi dropped on the index because of downgrades to its culture and environment score as well as fall in the stability score owing to rising crime rates.

“This year we also note the demonstrable impact of the effects of climate change on liveability. Several cities, such as New Delhi in India and Cairo in Egypt received substantial downgrades on their scores owing to problems linked to climate change, such as poor air quality, undesirable average temperatures and inadequate water provision,” the report said.

The study said that Asian cities overall scored slightly below the global average while three Asian cities — Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea (135th), Pakistan’s Karachi (136th) and Bangladesh’s Dhaka (138th) — are among the 10 least liveable globally.

While New Delhi was given an overall score of 56.3, Mumbai got 56.2, while top-ranked Vienna scored 99.1 and least-ranked Damascus (Syria) got 30.7 points. A score between 50-60 points, which is the case for India, indicates constrained liveability conditions.

Delhi’s environment minister Kailash Gahlot said for the past seven months, the national capital has enjoyed the cleanest air quality compared to the corresponding period in the last eight years. “Pollution mainly rises for about two months during winters because of crop burning in Haryana and Punjab. It is, in fact, much lesser than neighbouring cities. Being the national capital, it also becomes a perception issue since the focus is a lot on Delhi,” Gahlot said.

The EIU’s index ranks cities by five headline criteria. Stability and culture and environment are the two most important categories, weighted equally at 25% of the total. Healthcare and infrastructure are matched at 20%, with education coming in last with a 10% weighting.

“We expect problems relating to climate change to put increasing pressure on liveability scores in the coming years and for the number of cities affected to grow,” the report noted.

Several major global cities received mixed scores. London and New York ranked 48th and 58th out of the 140 cities in the survey, underlining that most liveable cities are generally less global capitals and more regional second cit

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