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HARYANA draws High Court wrath over illegal weapons

September 04, 2019 07:00 AM


State draws High Court wrath over illegal weapons
Saurabh Malik

Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 3

The High Court has taken aim at the Haryana Government for its failure to visualise and initiate targeted measures for checking illegal weapons in the state. The rap came less than two months after the High Court asked the Haryana Police to furnish details of efforts made to detect techniques used for pumping in illegal weapons.
As the case came up for resumed hearing, Justice Rajan Gupta referred to an affidavit filed by DGP (Crime) Prashanta Kumar Agrawal. Taking it on record, Justice Gupta asserted that the affidavit, among other things, said a special task force had been set up for the purpose.

“A perusal of the affidavit, prima facie, shows that no tangible steps are envisaged to check the flow of illegal weapons into the state,” Justice Gupta asserted, while giving the state counsel the liberty to seek instructions from a senior officer and apprise the court on the next date of hearing.

The developments took place on a regular bail plea filed against Haryana by Bhupender, alias Bhandar, through counsel Aditya Sanghi. Justice Gupta’s Bench was told that three accused allegedly entered a liquor vend and started firing indiscriminately on June 3, 2017, in an area under the jurisdiction of the Sampla police station in Rohtak district. In the incident, Birbal was seriously injured before he succumbed to injuries, but all independent witnesses turned hostile.

In response to Justice Gupta’s query on the make of weapons used in the crime, the state counsel submitted that the crime was committed using countrymade pistols and three such weapons were recovered. Justice Gupta had then asked the state counsel to specify whether any steps were contemplated to ensure that countrymade weapons were not freely available.

Referring to the facts of the case in hand, Justice Gupta asserted that the petitioner was stated to be in custody since July 2017. The allegation against him was that he had conducted a reconnaissance of the place where the victim was killed by the co-accused.

Keeping in view the period of the petitioner’s incarceration, Justice Gupta directed his release on interim bail, subject to heavy surety to the satisfaction of the trial court. The case would come up in the last week of September

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