Friday, August 07, 2020
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सुशांत सिंह आत्महत्या केस में CBI ने दर्ज की FIR, रिया चक्रवर्ती का भी नामहरियाणा के मुख्यमंत्री मनोहर लाल ने कोरोना से ठीक हुए लोगों से अपील की है कि वे इस महामारी से लडऩे को आमजन को प्रेरित करने के लिए आगे आएंसिरसा--बस अड्डा से सवारियों से भरी बस का अपहरणसुशांत मामला: मुंबई से लौटी बिहार पुलिस की टीम ने पटना में IG को सौंपी रिपोर्टCPI(M) नेता और वरिष्ठ यूनियन लीडर श्यामल चक्रवर्ती का निधनराहुल गांधी ने शुरू की बिहार चुनाव की तैयारी, वर्चुअल रैली को किया संबोधितमनोज सिन्हा होंगे जम्मू-कश्मीर के नए उपराज्यपाल, जीसी मुर्मू का इस्तीफा स्वीकारअहमदाबाद के कोरोना हॉस्पिटल में लगी आग, 8 मरीजों की मौत

Punjab eases norms for startups in public procurement

August 26, 2019 05:38 AM


Punjab eases norms for startups in public procurement


Giving new businesses an opportunity to compete with seasoned entrepreneurs and companies, the Punjab government has relaxed norms for them in public procurement. The latest move has opened the doors for startups to participate in government tenders.

The department of industries and commerce has issued a notification giving all startups in the state three major relaxations, which earlier were part of qualifying requirements for tenders. They have been exempted from past experience and turnover criteria in public procurement. The startups will also be eligible for purchase preferences for incentivizing them to participate in public procurement. However, these relaxations will be subjected to conditions.

Only an entity registered as a startup as per detailed scheme and operational guidelines issued by the Punjab government’s department of industries and commerce will be entitled to the benefit. The registered startups will have to directly participate in tender and not through intermediaries. According to the laid-down conditions, they cannot sub-contract work to any other firm and will have to carry out entire manufacturing/service at their premises. To avail of the benefit, interested registered startups will have to submit a self-attested copy of registration to the procuring agency to be able to get relaxations.

According to official record, about 250 startups have registered with the department of industrial policy and promotion.

‘Relaxations will provide all a level playing field

Mohali, which is being developed as an IT hub by the Punjab government, has emerged as the preferred destination for setting up startups. Of total registered startups, about 60 are in Mohali alone. Ludhiana, Jalandhar and Bathinda have about 25, 16 and 12 registered startups.

Lauding the step taken by the Punjab government, additional director of Software Technology Park of India, Mohali, Ajay P Shrivastava, said the relaxations will provide a level playing field.

Terming it as a win-win situation for both the startups and the government, he said new businesses will get an opportunity to grow while the government can get innovative solutions\products at cheaper rates.

Additional chief secretary for industries Vini Mahajan said Punjab was fast becoming a preferred destination for startups. She said the decision was taken to create a strong ecosystem for nurturing innovation and startups in the state. “The move will help in attracting young entrepreneurs to the state,” said Mahajan.


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