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August 17, 2019 05:58 AM

CHANDIGARH: Lawyers at Punjab and Haryana high court on Fri day decided to defer the protest and resume work from Satur day. The 4,000 odd members o Punjab and Haryana High Cour Bar Association (PHHCBA) had gone on strike on July 25, a day after the Centre notified the State Administrative Tribuna (SAT) in Haryana.

Lawyers argue that constitu tion of a service tribuna directly affects the power o judicial review of the court and thus is constitutionally ultra vires.

As the hearing by full bench presided over by chief justice Krishna Murari resumed, the Bar association told the cour that the general house has decided to suspend the strike The court had fixed Friday’s hearing on pleas from litigants over lawyers not letting them attend the court proceedings.

In view of this, the court has deferred proceedings on this matter pending report of Hary ana chief secretary-led pane constituted by the state govern ment to look into the ‘viability and workability’ of the tribunal

As directed, UT’s three offi cers — home secretary Arun Kumar Gupta and DGP Sanjay Baniwal and SSP Nilambar Jagdale — were present for the hearing.

There was also heavy police deployment in the vicinity o high court as the court had on Wednesday orally asked the lawyers to vacate the high cour gates otherwise it will get them cleared by the administration

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