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CBSE papers will have more choices, fewer questions Objective Queries To Rise In 2020 Board Exams

August 15, 2019 04:37 AM


CBSE papers will have more choices, fewer questions
Objective Queries To Rise In 2020 Board Exams

New Delhi:

Far fewer candidates are likely to find question papers in the 2020 CBSE board examinations lengthy. As part of big changes in the paper pattern for Class X and XII examinations, the Central Board of Secondary Education plans to reduce the number of questions in a majority of subjects.

For example, in the stipulated three-hour exam for Class XII mathematics, a candidate will now need to solve just 12 questions as against 19 in 2019. Not just that, examinees are likely to get more choices. There will be 33% internal options, that is, candidates will need to attempt 10 out of 13-14 questions.

Another big change is the increase in number of objective (one-mark) questions which range from 16.25% to up to 95% in some subjects, up from 10-12% at present. These changes are listed in CBSE’s document, “Details of internal and external assessment in the year 2019-20”, accessed by TOI.

To dissuade candidates from rote learning, the board has also introduced internal assessment/practicals in all subjects.

Even in a few subjects like English (language and literature) for Class X and Hindi, history and biology for Class XII where descriptive questions have been increased, CBSE sources said there will be more two-mark questions and fewer five to eight-mark ones. For example, there will be 20% twomark questions in the biology paper for Class XII, “which are objective in nature but are accounted in the descriptive questions,” said a senior CBSE official.

CBSE: Less number of descriptive questions

Key subjects across streams (though CBSE doesn’t’ bunch subjects stream-wise) will have less number of mandatory descriptive questions. In the Class XII Sanskrit paper, the number of descriptive questions will reduce from 53 to 37, while in political science it will drop to 14 from 25. Similarly, for physics and chemistry, the number of questions to be attempted in 2020 will be 17, down by five.

The objective (one-mark) questions will primarily be in the format of ‘fill in the blanks’, single sentence answers, ‘true or false’ and multiple choice questions. In fact, “even the two-mark questions will also be mostly objective type,” said the official.

Apart from a majority of the subjects having at least 25% objective questions, there will be 33% internal options as well, just as in subjective questions. The only subjects with less than 20% objective questions are Hindi (B) for Class X and Hindi (core and elective) and dances such as Odissi and Bharatanatyam for Class XII.

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