Monday, November 18, 2019
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Biggest power cut in a decade hits homes, transport in UK

August 11, 2019 04:25 AM


Biggest power cut in a decade hits homes, transport in UK

A power cut disrupted train travel and snarled rush-hour traffic across large chunks of Britain, including London, on Friday afternoon.

Power supplier National Grid said two power stations failed at the same time around 5 pm (1600GMT) in an “unexpected and unusual event”, but that the system was back to normal about 90 minutes later. It was unclear why the generators failed.

National Grid operations director Duncan Burt said the company was “very confident that there was no malicious intent or cyberattack involved.”

Power firms across the country said the outage — the biggest in more than a decade — affected hundreds of thousands of customers, including London’s King’s Cross station, one of the main hubs for northbound trains.

Power failures were reported as far apart as London in southeast England and Cheshire in the northwest.

Rail services across the country were canceled or delayed during the Friday evening rush hour, and commuter trains powered by overhead wires ground to a halt mid-journey.

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