Thursday, October 17, 2019
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Capt targets Canada for ‘support’ to Khalistanis

June 25, 2019 06:51 AM


Capt targets Canada for ‘support’ to Khalistanis


Punjab chief minister Amarinder Singh on Monday blamed the Canadian government for its ‘overt and covert support’ to the Khalistani movement and ‘warned’ that its failure to check anti-India activities on its soil would be detrimental to its own security and interests in the long run.

Citing the findings of the John Major Commission into the 1985 Kanishka bombing as a clear endorsement of Canada’s failure to act against the Khalistanis operating from its soil, the chief minister said by allowing the conspirators of the ‘mass murder’, the Canadian government had exposed its true intent. It was more than apparent that Canada had been extending its support to Khalistanis despite New Delhi’s protestations.

The commission, in its report, itemized the systemic biases of investigative, intelligence and prosecution agencies, to point out: “Despite the principal conspirators being put under surveillance well before the bombing, their conversations recorded, their acquisition and testing of explosives witnessed by state agents, and ample and repeated warnings that they intended to bomb a specific flight, Canadian agencies failed to act at each stage.”

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