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June 19, 2019 06:20 AM



A pervert, seemingly in his 30s, is on the prowl in an increasingly unsafe Ahmedabad. And if he is not identified and caught immediately, expect more such incidents. The unidentified man quite daringly entered a known paying guest accommodation on CG Road, occupied by 19 girls, after he found the door unlatched from inside. He spent around seven minutes in the house during which he touched a caretaker who was fast asleep on the couch, masturbated, and walked into two bedrooms before one of the girls saw him and raised an alarm. The girls have been living in fear since though the PG owner has now appointed two security guards. A police complaint has yet not been filed. The PG accommodates students from Som Lalit College, St Xavier’s College, GLS University and other colleges in the vicinity.

CCTV footage in possession of Mirror shows the man, dressed in yellow T-shirt and jeans, sneaking into the top floor of the three-storey flat at 12.50 am on June

14. He quietly opens the door, turning around to check if anyone is awake or following him. He then stretches himself to touch the chest of the caretaker sleeping on the couch, while holding the door open with the other hand.

Assured that she is too exhausted to wake up, he closes the door behind him. He then starts caressing her, proceeds to unzip his jeans and begins masturbating. At 12.53 am, he suddenly opens the door and makes an exit, after she changes her sleeping position. But he does not leave the building. When no alarm is raised, the pervert, who is still standing outside the door, re-enters the flat at 12.54 am, and gingerly walks into a bedroom occupied by some girls. He then goes into another bedroom at 12.57 am at which point one of the girls who happens to be awake spots him and chases him out of the apartment.

Pervert escapes on his bike

The security lapse has been a cause for worry for the girls living in the private accommodation. The occupants told Mirror that while the girl chased him down the stairs, the caretaker, woken up by the commotion, alerted the cook in the adjacent wing of the PG. CCTV camera outside the building shows the pervert getting on to his bike at 12.57 am and making good his escape.

He is not a delivery boy, claim occupants

While owners and managers at this PG suspect he was a delivery boy, the girls said none of the flat mates had ordered in any food. An occupant told Mirror that the caretaker, who is also their domestic help, too exhausted by the end of the day, sleeps in the couch on the living room. The door is usually locked at 11 pm. However, that night, the door was not bolted from inside.

“From what we got to the door was open from and a man entered the living room. He then went towards the bedroom where around five girls live. Thankfully, one of the girls saw him and raised an alarm,” said a girl. The PG occupants, a total of 80, are accommodated in four flats in two separate buildings attached through terrace; each flat is occupied around 20 girls.

“It so happened that the living in the flat in the other also woke up then. When down to check what the , they saw PG owner and others in the adjacent building. It was unusual because unless something has happened the owner would not come down at that hour. When the girls probed, they were told that someone had sneaked into one of the flats,” said a student of St Xavier’s College who lives in the adjacent wing.

Girls not shown CCTV footage

Owner Sunny Singh Babulal Sen told Mirror that he has not shown the CCTV footage to them yet fearing they would panic.

The girls said that after the incident, parent of one of the girls rushed to the PG and took her along with them sensing security concerns. The girls said that despite such a serious incident, the PG owners have not approached the police.

The owners claim they are monitoring the CCTV footage to trace the pervert on The girls, meanwhile, claim are living in constant fear.

What is our security when are paying Rs 10,500 for accommodation in a dingy room? There were no security guards here till the incident took place. It is only now that two guards are posted near the gate,”

said a girl requesting anonymity.

Girls too scared of to cops’

Sunny Singh Babulal Sen he had drafted a complaint be submitted to the police the girls were not ready to . Manager at the PG facility Rajesh said the PG has been running for the past 20 years and it is for the first time that such an incident has taken place.

“We suspect it was the food delivery boy. We cannot deny that the person was someone who knew that the door is unlocked from inside,” said Malti who has been working with the PG as a manager for the past five years.

Sunny told Mirror they have taken the incident very seriously and posted security guards after the incident. Asked why a complaint has not been filed, he said that the girls are scared of approaching the cops. He is still trying to convince the girls to file police complaint. “However, we have beefed up security and passed on strict instructions to the caretakers to lock the door at 11 pm daily,” he said.

Second incident in a span of three weeks

This is the second such incident that has come to light in three weeks. On May 29, Parshva Shah was arrested for groping the breast of 17-year-old Janvi Jadeja when she was on her morning walk near Someshwar Park Society in Thaltej around 8 am. Ahmedabad Mirror initiated a campaign against the abuse, by naming and shaming the molester. Priyanki Gohi, a 14-year-old schoolgirl who had been groped on January 29, 2018, when she was waiting for her school bus, saw the photographs we published and identified the 39-yearold as the person who had molested her over a year ago. Her parents then filed a complaint with Sola High Court police station naming Parshva Shah as the accused.

Mirror also has exclusive evidence to establish that Janvi and Priyanki were not his only victims. Parshva had harassed nine girls staying as paying guests in one of the bungalows in his society in 2015. He would “utter catcalls, pass lewd comments, make obscene gestures and sing doublemeaning songs whenever they left or entered the society”.

He would also allegedly ride his motorcycle close to the girls, encroaching on their personal space. Fed up, they finally wrote a complaint to the society management. He initially denied everything. When girls confronted him, he broke down, promising not to repeat such a thing in future.

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