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Haryana farmers contest water at tail-end claim Meham Minor Water Not Reaching Khattar’s Village

June 19, 2019 06:08 AM


Haryana farmers contest water at tail-end claim
Meham Minor Water Not Reaching Khattar’s Village
Sat Singh TNN

Tetri/Nindana/Kheri (Rohtak):

While chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar and agriculture minister Om Prakash Dhankar leave no opportunity to claim that irrigation water is reaching canal tail-ends, reality appears to be different. Among the farmers who suffer due to non-availability of water at tail end are those from Meham Chaubishi’s Nindana, Khattar’s native village.

While the Meham Minor canal was flowing in full glory on June 16 when this correspondent visited the spot, farmers in villages of Tetri, Kheri and Nindana were using diesal-run tubewell to irrigate their land as the canal by side of their field was lying dry.

Talking to TOI, Ramesh Kumar, an aged farmer from Nindana village sitting inside the parched canal at tail-end said that in last five years, not even a drop of water has been seen. “The BJP government makes hollow claim of providing water to tail-end fields from public stages in urban areas to grab the imagination of voters by talking about transforming the lives of farmers. But the reality for farmers like us remains unchanged. The situation is only turning from bad to worse,” Kumar added.

Holding district irrigation department responsible for the worrisome situation of tail end farmers, 60-year-old farmer said, “We keep suffering at tail end with parched land while farmers in front areas of the canal enjoy stolen water by bribing the officials and using political pressure,” he added.

Bhoop Singh of Kheri village, who has his two acres at tail-end of Meham minor branch, said that he had heard that farmers commit suicide due to agriculture crisis and he could understand why. “What should we do with dry land. There is no money to spend on diesel-run tubewells. The expense on one acre get multiplied three times. No money to spend on education of kids. No government official or representative is ready to listen to our woes. They dub us liars when we go to tell them nonavailability of water at tail end,” Singh added.

Sandeep Kumar, a young farmer from Nindana village who also has field at Meham Minor tail-end, told TOI that he had complained to irrigation department office and new Rohtak MP Arvind Sharma of water theft from the branch and how they remained deprived of their share of water, but action was still awaited.

Rohtak executive engineer (irrigation department) Ram Niwas said that against the demand of 1,875 cusecs, they get only 1450 cusecs water and “farmers at tail-end were bound to suffer”. On government claim of providing water till canal ends, he said, “The day gap (between supply and demand) is met, the issue will be resolved

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