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Avoid Working From Home, Reach Office On Time: PM to Ministers

June 13, 2019 05:20 AM

courtesy ET JUNE 13

Avoid Working From Home, Reach Office On Time: PM to Ministers
Our Political Bureau

New Delhi:

Avoid working from home, reach office on time to ensure discipline, give equal amount of work to the ministers of state (MoS) and hand-hold junior ministers— these are some of the advices Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave to his council of ministers at a meeting on Wednesday evening.

Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman and parliamentary affairs minister Narendra Singh Tomar made presentations for the Council of Ministers, sources said. While the FM’s presentation focused on the ongoing Budget exercise and detailing what kind of inputs can be provided by the ministers, Tomar’s presentation is said to have been on how to make efficient utilisation of the upcoming Parliament session where the government is planning to bring some important bills. Another minister is said to have made a presentation focussed on the 5-year plan that each ministry is to draw up, as per the PM’s directions to all secretaries earlier.

Modi is said to have focused on giving important work to ministers of state and even remarked that a Cabinet minister and MoS can sign files together to ensure faster disposal of files and increasing productivity. The PM is also said to have appealed to all ministers to avoid working from home and maintain ing work discipline by reaching office on time and regularly meeting officials. The PM is also said to have advised the ministers to stay in touch with all MPs and start by meeting those from their states, remarking that “you all have become ministers as you are first MPs,” sources said quoting the PM.

Modi had held such meeting with his council of ministers in his earlier term too where he had also emphasised MoS getting adequate work. MoS and MoS with Independent Charge get a chance to meet the PM at such meetings as the weekly Cabinet meeting is meant only for Cabinet ministers.

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