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Plan to rename seven Karnal heritage gates triggers storm

June 12, 2019 05:33 AM


Neeraj Mohan ■
Plan to rename seven Karnal heritage gates triggers storm
Civic body wants to name these gates after Mahabharata’s characters
KARNAL: The BJP government’s move to rechristen ‘Saat Dwar’ (seven heritage gates) of Karnal city after the epic Mahabharata characters has triggered a storm. Objecting to the move, Karnal residents are demanding the historical names of these gates be preserved. Karnal happens to be the constituency of Haryana chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar.

■ The agenda to change names of these gates is scheduled for a House meeting of the Karnal municipal corporation on June 13.
The Karnal municipal corporation (MC) has proposed to rename Kalandri Gate to Krishan Dwar; Banson Gate to Nakul Dwar; Dyalpura Gate to Sehdev Dwar; Jundla Gate to Bhim Dwar; Karan Gate to Karna Dwar; Subhash Gate to Yudhisthir Dwar and Arjun Gate to Arjun Dwar.

The renovation work of these gates has recently completed after three years. Now, the agenda to change names of these gates is scheduled for a House meeting of the Karnal MC on June 13.

All these gates fall under ward number 15, which is represented in the MC by Yudhvir Singh, an independent who later extended his support to the ruling BJP. He is opposing the move along with thousands of residents of this area.

“We conducted a survey and found that majority of people were against the renaming of gates. They may not have objections with the new names, but certainly want the government to mention the historical names along with fresh ones,” Yudhvir said.

“Several councillors are supporting us. We would take up this issue at the House meeting and hope we would be heard,” he said.


City residents said they have included the name of these gates in their identity proofs and now, the renaming would create problems. “These seven gates are older than history of Karnal and are a heritage symbol. Rechristening these gates is like rewriting the history,” said a resident of Bhatto Mohalla of Jundla Gate, who did not wish to be named.


Karnal mayor Renu Bala Gupta said, “Only names of the gates will be changed as they do not have any relevance to the history of Karnal.

Since Karnal is related to Mahabharata, the names of all these gates will be renamed after characters of the epic.”

She said the proposal is being brought with people’s consent. “People will soon get familiarised with the new names.

See how the residents of Gurgaon got used to Gurugram,” she added.


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