Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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RWAs oppose MC’s decision on imposing TDS to maintain parks

May 18, 2019 05:35 AM


RWAs oppose MC’s decision on imposing TDS to maintain parks
No Such Condition Signed In MOU


The resident welfare associations have opposed the decision of the municipal corporation for imposing TDS liability under the Income Tax Act, 1961, for engaging maintenance of neighbourhood parks.

In a communication issued by examiner of the local funds accounts, Chandigarh administration, and as per Section 194C of the Income Tax Act, it is mandatory to credit any sum or amount to TDS @ 2%. The letter further states, all non-profit organizations can seek income tax exemption from the IT department under section 12AA of the IT Act and furnish copy of exemption certificate with the horticulture department.

Vinod Vashisht, convener of the City Forum of the Resident Welfare Organizations (CFORWO), said: “We have gone through the memo issued by the Chandigarh MC to the concerned RWAs and relevant provisions of the IT Act. Payments to the RWAs by the Chandigarh MC for maintenance of parks do not come under the purview of TDS under the Income Tax Act of India.”

He said Section 194C was applicable only to the following types of work contracts as given under the explanation clause (IV) of Section 194C which stipulated that ‘work’ shall include advertising; broadcasting and telecasting, including production of programmes for such broadcasting or telecasting; carriage of goods or passengers by any mode of transport other than railways; catering; manufacturing or supplying a product according to the requirement or specification of a customer by using material purchased from such customer, but does not include manufacturing or supplying a product according to the requirement or specification of a customer by using material purchased from a person, other than such customer.

He said he had also discussed the matter with the examiner of the local funds accounts.

JP Yadav, president of Sector 37 RWA, said there was no such condition in the MOU signed by the association with Chandigarh MC, then how did the MC added this clause. All the RWAs were doing voluntary service and did not have additional resources to their support.

Nirmal Singh, president of Sector 38 RWA, said they were maintaining parks for the last couple of years.

“All our members are extending voluntary services. Neither we are vendors of the Chandigarh MC, nor they are our customer. How come such activity can be considered under the purview of income tax?” he added

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