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Model villages, identified on NGT order, fail to pay waste collection fee

May 15, 2019 05:53 AM


Archana Mishra
Model villages, identified on NGT order, fail to pay waste collection fee
GURUGRAM: On the directives issued by the National Green Tribunal (NGT), the Haryana government has identified three villages in Farrukhnagar block of Gurugram district which are to be developed as model villages in compliance with Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016. The administration, however, is facing problems in running pilot projects in the identified villages.

■ An awareness campaign on solid waste management under way in Baslambi village.
In the three villages — Baslambi, Birhera and Faridpur — the administration is struggling to collect a fee of ₹30 from households for waste collection and in maintaining regularity of doorto-door garbage collection.

To ensure the litter-free status of villages, the administration is aiming at a financially sustainable system for collecting and processing of solid waste. Each household has been asked to pay ₹30 a month in this regard. “Only 30% of the population has paid the fee in the last one month. People are reluctant to pay the minimal amount that can bring a change,” said additional deputy commissioner Imran Raza.

“The challenge is to increase this percentage for the sustainability of the project,” he said.

Vaibhav Limaye, of the Chief Minister’s Good Governance Associates Programme, who is also handling the pilot project, said, “By charging a minimal fee, we want to ensure that the village committee is empowered to function on its own. And the process is not stopped once the pilot project is over.”

As the first quarterly report has to be submitted to the NGT on June 30 this year, the administration has provided financial support of ₹1 lakh to each gram panchayat to meet human resource and maintenance cost, along with infrastructure support for waste collection.

In an order dated March 6, the NGT had directed the state government to notify at least three major towns in the state and three panchayats in every district as model cities, towns or villages, which would be in complete compliance with the SWM Rules.

Limaye said that Gurugram is the only district in the state to initiate the pilot project.

Of the 203 panchayats in the district, the administration has identified eight gram panchayats, which had existing landfill sites for collection and segregation of waste. It included Ghoshgadh, Dhanawas, Mokalwas, Shekhupur Majhi and Ikbalpur, along with the three mentioned above. They have a combined population of 24,000, across 4,815 households.

The NGT, in its March 6 order, had also observed huge gaps in the implementation of SWM Rules. The status report submitted by the state government showed that the necessary infrastructure did not exist.

The green court raised questions on whether the local bodies submitted their annual reports to the Haryana State Pollution Control Board (HSPCB) under Rule 24, and if the HSPCB had submitted a consolidated annual report to the Central Pollution Control Board

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