Thursday, July 18, 2019
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A bridge course to allow dentists practise as docs?

April 21, 2019 05:06 AM


A bridge course to allow dentists practise as docs?

Niti Aayog along with the health ministry is examining a proposal to create a cadre of mid-level health providers by allowing dentists to practice “family medicine/ mainstream medicine” after completing a bridge course.

A meeting on this proposal is to be held at Niti Aayog on Monday. Referring to the minutes of a meeting held in the PMO on April 9 regarding “scaling up of medical education in India”, the notice issued on Wednesday for Monday’s meeting stated that in the PMO meeting it was “decided to explore the option of allowing dentists to practice family medicine/mainstream medicine following bridge course”.

The proposed meeting in is “to discuss issues on leveraging dentists to provide primary health case thereby reducing the gaps in current shortfall of doctors in the country”.

Inclusive Matrimony is a positive development: Docs

Parents of special children always worry about their child’s future once they are gone. Inclusive Matrimony is a way of exploring an option for our children’s security,” said Sridevi whose 28-year-old son works in a bank. “He is loving and affectionate, but cannot communicate well,’’ she added. She moved along with him to Dehradun when he was pursuing graduation and to Chennai where he completed his MBA. “He works in a bank, travels on his own, makes every household purchase, but cannot talk well or understand sarcasm at all,” she said.

Another co-founder, Vimla (name changed) who hails from Mumbai has a 30-year-old son who works for an multi-national software company. “This initiative is about seeking companionship for our special children,” she said. Her son never completed a degree but is a genius with computers and lives in Bengaluru. “He has been learning to live with a room-mate and about not fighting about every change or opinion,” she said. Both had tried using other matrimonial sites and failed. The five women first set up a WhatsApp group, but felt they needed to take their group to a broader platform where people were empathetic about persons with disabilities.

In the West, it is not unheard of for persons with autism or Asperger ‘genius’ Syndrome to be married. “In the US, there are cases of people being diagnosed with these conditions after marriage,” said Ashok Shah, a Mumbai-based doctor who has a 22-year-old son on the autism spectrum. “People with autism have emotions just like every other person, just that they struggle with human interactions,” he added.

Psychiatrist Dr Harish Shetty termed Inclusive Matrimony a positive development. “Some of the high functioning autistic people understand responsibility and emotions. As long as they understand the responsibility of marriage, they should be able to manage,” he said.

However, Dr Shah said parents need to tread with care as far as matrimony is concerned. “Most parents leave a corpus behind for their special child. In case, the marriage ends in a divorce, will the corpus get divided into half? There are issues we need to address before,” Shah said, adding that if the endeavour clicks, it would be a blessing for adults with autism

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