Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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भिवानी: कांग्रेस प्रत्याशी श्रुति चौधरी का नामाकांन के समय जाते हुएवरिष्ठ बीजेपी नेता लाल कृष्ण आडवाणी ने गांधीनगर में मतदान कियावोट डालने के बाद अखिलेश की पत्नी डिंपल यादव बोलीं, ये चुनाव देश की दिशा तय करेगायूपी में सबसे ज्यादा सीटें गठबंधन की होंगी: अखिलेश यादवधर्मेंद्र यादव की शिकायत के बाद बदायूं में स्वामी प्रसाद मौर्य के घर पर छापेमारीBJP में शामिल हुए अभिनेता सनी देओल, पंजाब के गुरदासपुर से लड़ सकते हैं चुनावबीजेपी में शामिल होने के बाद सनी देओल ने कहा, हर वक्त काम करके दिखाऊंगापापा अटलजी के साथ जुड़े, मैं मोदी के साथ: बीजेपी में शामिल होने पर सनी देओल

Madras HC bars teachers from taking home tuitions

April 15, 2019 07:43 AM


Madras HC bars teachers from taking home tuitions


School and college teachers doing business/trade or taking tuition, even after school hours, is misconduct, ruled the Madras high court on Tuesday. It also directed the Tamil Nadu government to create a helpline and display it prominently in schools to help parents and children file complaints on such matters and sexual harassment issues. Once a complaint is received, the government must take action in 24 hours, the court said.

Justice S M Subramaniam issued the directive while ruling on a petition filed by one R Renganathan, a corporation school headmaster, challenging his transfer to another school which was just 2km away from his present school-.Ruing the growing indiscipline in government schools, more so among teachers, the judge said teachers were filing such unnecessary writ petitions without realising that they were duty-bound to serve the public.

The judge said that though as per rule 9 of Tamil Nadu Government Servants Conduct Rules a teacher could not engage themselves in any trade or business or undertake any employment, “the situation across the state is that most of the government teachers have engaged themselves in conducting tuitions/ tutorials and private classes for monetary gain”.

“These teachers are receiving huge amount as remuneration from parents. It is most unfortunate to state that these teachers are soliciting students to join the tuition classes at their home or in the place organised by such teachers. Students, after school hours, are sometimes forced to attend tuition. Taking of tuition after school hours is also a misconduct,” Justice Subramaniam said.

Noting that such teachers are conducting agitations and dharnas during the eve of public examinations in order to ‘threaten the state government’ as well as the public, the court said such activities of teachers are to be viewed seriously and actions are to be taken by the competent authorities.


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