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HARYANABedlam at Rohtak bar event during minister’s speech

April 13, 2019 06:47 AM


Bedlam at Rohtak bar event during minister’s speech
Sat Singh TNN


Organised by Rohtak Bar Association, an event of minister of state Manish Grover witnessed chaotic scene with lawyers getting divided along party lines and exchanging heated arguments.

Apparently, at the core of the divide was the February 2016 incident of arson at Haryana finance minister Capt Abhimanyu’s Rohtak house. Accused in the arson case advocate Sombir Jassia and Haryana’s additional advocate general Ram Niwas Hooda openly debated the question of propriety at the event in the District Bar Hall.

Eyewitnesses told TOI that initially, Grover, who holds independent charge of cooperation department, showed patience when a young lawyer verbally attacked him but once he responded sharply, senior advocates from either side also got involved.

Grover was addressing the lawyers present when a section of them raised a point on the kind of “politics being played by BJP leaders”.

Reacting to it, another group of lawyers raised objections to such aggression in front of the minister who was invited for tea by the bar and thus “should have been treated as per the set decorum in the lawyers’ club”.

Advocate Vicky Narang, one of first to constantly interrupt Grover’s speech, was taken outside by other lawyers.

Meanwhile, Jassia and Hooda got into a heated debate. Meanwhile, Hooda’s gunman tried to hold Jassia’s hand, which infuriated some more lawyers leading to further chaos.

Jassia is an accused in the case of arson at Abhimanyu’s house that happened at the peak of violence witnessed during the Jat stir for reservation in February 2016. Additional advocate general posted in Delhi, Hooda, is one of the witnesses in the same case.

The situation was brought under control with the intervention of bar association president Lokender Phogat and Grover. Later, the minster addressed lawyers and tried to calm down everyone in his speech.

Downplaying the incident, advocate Phogat said that there was chaos for a short while during the BJP minister’s event but it was sorted out after some time

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