Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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US state declares April as ‘Sikh awareness month

March 21, 2019 06:49 AM


US state declares April as ‘Sikh awareness month
WASHINGTON: Delaware governor John Carney has signed an executive proclamation naming April 2019 as the “Delaware Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month” in recognition of the contribution of the small but influential Sikh community in the economic and social milieu of the state.

In his proclamation on Tuesday, Carney said the contribution of Sikh-Americans to Delaware, a mid-Atlantic US state, and the United States has been immense.

Earlier, the Delaware House of Representatives and the senate unanimously had passed a concurrent resolution declaring April 2019 as the “Delaware Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month”.

This year’s resolution is especially meaningful because it comes in the 550th birth anniversary year of Sikhism founder Guru Nanak, Delaware Sikh Awareness Coalition (DSAC) chairman Charanjeet Singh Minhas said.


Before the resolution was introduced in the state legislature, the DSAC had sponsored an interfaith luncheon session and a presentation that discussed the universal aspects of Guru Nanak’s teaching and their relevance today.

“On a work day, during working hours, it was amazing to see the participation of close to 100 guests,” Minhas said. Attendees included Anurag Kumar, Indian embassy’s minister of community affairs, as well as interfaith leaders and members from Delaware’s Jewish, Christian, Hindu and Muslim communities.


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