Sunday, April 21, 2019
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Can’t trust Pak on Kartarpur issue: CM

March 17, 2019 06:20 AM


Can’t trust Pak on Kartarpur issue: CM


Punjab chief minister Amarinder Singh on Saturday reiterated that he did not trust Pakistan’s intent behind opening the Kartarpur Corridor and that their agenda was “nefarious and political and aimed at exploiting the sentiments of the Sikhs”.

Speaking to mediapersons to list out achievements of his government after completing two years in office, Amarinder said the need to keep a close watch on the corridor needed to be underlined. He added that while he was all for the corridor, which was a matter of devotion for the Sikhs, there was need to exercise caution. Pakistan was doing it with a different intent, which was not at all aimed at promoting peace, the CM added.

“India’s agenda is religious but theirs is totally disruptive,” he said, citing ‘Referendum 2020’ as an example of ISI’s attempts to exploiting Sikh sentiments to divide and destabilize Punjab, and in fact the entire nation.

“While Pak PM Imran Khan talks of peace, their army chief General Bajwa continues to promote his evil designs,” said Amarinder warning that the number of ISI-backed terror modules busted in Punjab in recent months indicated their true intent. The grenades used in Maqsudan and Pathankot attacks were of Pak origin, he added.

The CM said he wanted at least 15,000 pilgrims to be permitted through the corridor every day

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