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IT’S A CARMIC CONSPIRACY What are the chances of two cars having the same manufacturer and the same registration number?

March 16, 2019 06:29 AM

courtesy  MIRROR MARCH 16

What are the chances of two cars having the same manufacturer and the same registration number?
Mercedes-Benz CLA 200 owner finds to his shock that someone is driving around in a car similar to his — only the colour is slightly different
| Praveen Kumar

Imitation is the best form of flattery. But not when it comes to the registration plate of a car and a Mercedes Benz CLA 200 at that.

Businessman and realtor R Anil Kumar Reddy, a resident of Begur Main Road in Bommanahalli, was shocked to hear that a car bearing the same number plate as his car’s was spotted by his cousin. Reddy has approached the police to apprehend the owner of the car with the fake number plate.

Reddy’s father-in-law, residing in Hongasandra, is the actual owner of the car. But Reddy was using the red coloured car with the registration number KA-05-MV-9449. The conman’s car with the same number is maroon in colour.

Said Reddy to BM, “One of my cousins who is pursuing medicine at Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre on Hessarghatta Main Road called to ask me what I was doing near his college as he saw my car parked outside his college. I told him that I was nowhere near his college but near my house in Bommanahalli. When my cousin insisted that he was standing a few feet away from the car he thought was mine, I rushed to check if my car was safe. It was and it was parked at home. I asked my cousin to send me photos of the car. The resemblance was similar – my car is red and the conman’s car was maroon but the number was the same.”

Reddy then told his cousin to walk up to the car to see who was driving it. However, since his cousin was in college, he went only after his classes were over. By then, the car had disappeared from the spot.

“The incident came to light on March 11th and I filed a complaint with the police on the next day. The car is two years old,” said Reddy. He also did his own investigation by checking with the showroom in Koramangala where he had bought the car, to see if there was any foul play. When the showroom executive assured him after checking records that the registration number had only been given to his car, he confirmed it with the RTO officials too. They reiterated the showroom executive’s version.

With the pictures of both his car and the conman’s car, Reddy approached the Bommanahalli police and filed a police complaint.

“The businessman approached us on Tuesday. We have alerted the traffic police to keep a lookout for the conman’s car. The policemen stationed at traffic signals are on the case. We will also go near Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Sciences and check CCTV footage from the vicinity to get more clues. In all probability, the car used by the conman could be a stolen one and he is using a fake registration number to hoodwink authorities,” said a police officer

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