Monday, August 26, 2019
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WhatsApp love sours in 6 months Wife Gets Government Job In MP, Man Throws Her Out

February 09, 2019 04:47 AM


WhatsApp love sours in 6 months
Wife Gets Government Job In MP, Man Throws Her Out


She was a 23-year old woman from Madhya Pradesh and he was her cousin’s friend from Ahmedabad. They met, fell in love and decided to elope — all of it done over WhatsApp and within 6 months. It was going fine till one day fate decided to send her way a government job offer as a teacher in Madhya Pradesh, a career she wanted to pursue. The union come to an end as swiftly as it had begun and the woman was allegedly thrown out of her house by her husband. She then approached the Abhayam 181 women’s helpline and Vivekanandnagar police station with an application seeking help and protection.

Helpline officials said that the woman says the job was the bone of contention, something neither her husband or in-laws were willing to accept. They did not want her to move to MP and instead found fault with her at home. The woman had already taken the teacher recruitment exam in MP before the wedding. The appointment happened only recently. Her husband, who has a private job in the city, allegedly refused to ‘allow her’ to go back for the job. The matter escalated until she was shown the door.

The woman said she was part of a family WhatsApp group. “Her cousin, based in Ahmedabad, had added a few of his friends in the group and one of them approached her and they began to chat regularly. It turned into love and ultimately ended in them eloping,” an Abhayam official said.

After the job offer, things went bad to worse and her husband told her to leave his home immediately and never return, threatening of suicide if she dared to return. The woman still wanted to be with him, even if she was not allowed to work.

While their families had only recently accepted their relationship, the woman is now back with her kin and and wants to concentrate on her career. A complaint has been filed with Vivekanandnagar police station,” a counsellor said

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