Sunday, April 21, 2019
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लोकतंत्र के चौथे स्तंभ पर जमकर बरसी आशा हुड्डाबीजेपी ने किया 7 उम्मीदवारों का ऐलान, दिल्ली से मनोज तिवारी और हर्षवर्धन को टिकटगाजियाबाद: पत्नी और 3 बच्चों की चाकू से गोदकर शख्स ने कर दी हत्या दिग्विजय ने सांसद दुष्यंत चौटाला के विकास कार्यों पर सीएम मनोहर लाल को दी खुली बहस की चुनौतीभूपेंद्र हुड्डा सोनीपत,कुलदीप शर्मा करनाल,भव्य बिश्नोई हिसार,निर्मल सिंह कुरुक्षेत्र और नागर की बजाय अवतार भडाना फरीदाबाद से कांग्रेस प्रत्याशी घोषितशेखर तिवारी मर्डर केस: पत्नी अपूर्वा और 2 नौकरों से पूछताछ करने अन्य जगह ले जाया गयादिल्ली: BJP ने मनोज तिवारी, प्रवेश वर्मा, रमेश बिधूड़ी, डॉ. हर्षवर्धन को दोबारा उताराBJP ने किया लोकसभा टिकटों का ऐलान, दिल्ली के 4 मौजूदा सांसदों को दोबारा मौका
Niyalya se

HC puts Centre, Haryana on notice

February 07, 2019 04:58 AM


HC puts Centre, Haryana on notice
CHANDIGARH: The Punjab and Haryana high court on Wednesday put Centre and Haryana government on notice on a plea challenging the Centre’s decision to grant 10% reservation for economically weaker sections in jobs and admissions to educational institutions.

The petition filed by a Hisar resident seeks quashing of the Constitution Act, 2019 and sought direction to Centre to not to implement the reservation by the state and Centre claiming that it was in violation of Supreme Court’s 1992 judgment in the Indira Sawhney case, in which upper ceiling for reservation was fixed at 50%. The high court has sought response by March 13.

The lawyers, SK Verma and Lal Bahadur Khowal had argued that the reservation cannot be availed by SCs, STs or OBCs, who are not just economically but socially backward too. There is no definition under the Constitution for the weaker sections.

Moreover, economically weaker sections have not faced any kind of social injustice or discrimination. It was also submitted that the law enacted is a step to hasten to finish the reservations based on the social backwardness and to introduce only the economic criteria for reservations.

There is no contemporaneous empirical data collected or published to know the status of economically weaker sections and that they require the benefit under the impugned Act more than the SCs/STs/OBCs, court was told.

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