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Excellent wife’ course raises eyebrows in HK

February 06, 2019 06:38 AM


Excellent wife’ course raises eyebrows in HK

A Hong Kong company’s ‘Excellent Wife’ cooking course has raised eyebrows. The advertisement reads, “If you aspire to be the best girlfriend or wife in town, Excellent Wife cooking course is perfect for you.” The preceding text was printed on a flyer (in pic) by Towngas Cooking Centre, operated by Hong Kong & China Gas Co.

The $320 (HK$2,500) course consists of five lessons covering areas such as steaming skills and abalone preparation, the company website shows.

“Hong Kong’s Equal Opportunities Commission would be interested to know whether men are allowed to go to this course,” said shareholder activist David Webb, who posted a caption of the flyer on his Twitter account.

“Perhaps Towngas needs to modernise its marketing people. Hong Kong is a very conservative and old-fashioned society in many ways — they still don’t allow gay marriage or civil unions for example,” he said.

“Based on the sharing with our customers from time to time, they would like to learn cooking skills to make nice meals for their husbands and boyfriends, so we designed this course for our members, and men are also welcome,” Hong Kong & China Gas said in an email.

Research by the Equal Opportunities Commission and Chinese University of Hong Kong last year showed women aren’t favoured in hiring by HK employers, while the percentage of female directors in the city’s benchmark index — though many companies on the gauge are from mainland China — lags behind global peers. AGENCIES

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