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December 23, 2018 04:26 PM

The Consumers Association Panchkula celebrated National Consumer Day on completion its 6th year on 23rd December 2018 at Shiv Mandir, Sector-9, Panchkula. Gian Chand Gupta, Chief Whip and MLA Panchkula graced the auspicious occasion as Chief Guest. Deepak Sharma, District President BJP Panchkula presided over the function. Varinder Garg, Sr. Income Tax & Mutual Fund Consultant, Media Office Incharge, BJP Haryana, Kewal Garg and V.K. Uppal, Shiv Mandir, President & Gen. Secy., respectively, were the Guest of Honour. At the outset CAP President N.C. Rana welcomed all the participants and explained in detail about the growth and usefulness of consumerism for redressal of grievances of consumers as per their rights enshrined in the Consumer Protection Act. He highlighted the CAP activities performed and awareness camps organized by them during the past six years of their existence. He further explained the details of amicable settlement of a large number of complaints of consumers who had approached CAP during this period, besides facilitation in more than 15 cases settled in favour of consumers through the Consumer Courts. It was also explained by him that in addition two such cases too cases lingered for more than 10-20 years were also got settled by the CAP in which more than Rs. 1 crore in each case was involved. He further stated that the CAP made concerted efforts in getting the precarious problems like stray cattle/dogs, food adulteration, encroachments, water and electricity charges hike and fatal diseases like Dengue/Chickun Gunia/ Malaria etc. taken up with the administration and concerned departments without availability of adequate funds and place to sit. It was also explained by him that the CAP took active part in Cleanliness & Plantation Campaigns. Gian Chand Gupta was immensely impressed about the performance of CAP and wholeheartedly congratulated its functionaries for their endeavor and exciting ventures. He emphatically emphasized the vital role being played by the CAP for the safety and security of interests of the consumers from exploitation of producers, marketers, shopkeepers and service providers etc. for which they deserve appreciation. Deepak Sharma also appreciated the selfless services being rendered by the CAP for the benefits of consumers and asked its functionaries to continue to make such efforts in all times to come. He assured that he will take up the problems of the CAP such as financial scarcity and non-availability of space of their office to the State Govt. Varinder Garg who is also pattern of CAP threw light on legal aspects of consumerism and explained in greater detail as to how complaints can be files and pursued in the Consumer Courts for seeking justice and redressal of grievances. He vehemently stated that the CAP is doing great work for the welfare and awakening of the consumers. M.P. Sharma, President Bhagwan Parshuram Bhawan Jagrit Brahman Sabha and Kuldeep Singh a CAP Member also spoke on various aspects of consumerism highlighting dire necessity of creation of awareness among the consumers about their rights. Sharma was also delighted with the excellent performance of CAP and appreciated efforts of its functionary. CAP honoured its excellent performers in different fields of consumerism. At the end V.K. Sharma CAP Gen. Secy. thanked all the participants and explained that CAP is rendering its services free of cost for the facilitation of complaints of consumers whosoever approach them. He explained that CAP organized more than 65 camps in rural & urban areas for creation of awareness among consumer residing in far off remote places. He stated that there is dire need to take up the matter of financial assistance to the CAP with the State Govt. for undertaking such like activities and setting up a training and research wing for the benefit of consumers. The efforts of Anjana and Chanchala being made by them for creating awareness among people residing in rural areas in the Morni Hills & Pinjore side were appreciated.

                        The IDFC, IDBI & Karnataka banks were also declared consumers friendly as good service providers. Their branches managers were also honoured.

                        All present prayed to almighty for giving peace to departed souls of CAP members S.Sh. N.K. Dhammi, S.K. Diwan and R.C. Sharma of CAP who were its assets and observed silence for a minute in their esteemed memory.

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